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 Topic: Impl4nted
Impl4nted [message #92645] Wed, 17 September 2014 18:36
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I woke up to another day like any other, a normal guy, normal life, school, then home, eating dinner in my room, doing homework and basically staying indoors for the evening.

Or at least I thought I was, then I saw myself in the bathroom mirror. I've always been a slightly bit mordibly obese, just a tad, that's alright, not like it bothers me or anything. But when I looked into the mirror my face looked a little less fat, more angular, my latest failed acne treatment actually seemed to have worked for a change, sure there were still angry red pustules but not quick as many as the night before. And I swear to god my eyes had changed colour, from a dull brown to a clear steel grey.

"Fuck, okay Carl, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this..." I laughed out loud at myself, I was being dumb, stupid, pathetic.

"Yeah sure, like I fucking exercised away eight pounds in my sleep, went to a spa to cleanse my pores and got contact lenses." Bullshit, even I didn't believe it.

"Dad is gonna kill me." That wasn't an exaggeration by the way, he was humanity first. He would literally grab the shotgun and blow my head off. Spatter my brains across the wall. He would kill me. I would cease to be. Off to join the quire invisible. "Gone to meet his maker. Kicked the bucket. I! Am! Fucked!"

My minor breakdown was interrupted by mom calling up the stair. "You're gonna miss the bus! Wake up and get a move on!"

Stressed out I began to hurriedly throw on clean clothes.... Cleanish clothes, I'd only worn them once or twice. Hurrying around my hair fell in front of my face, covering my eyes, I kept brushing it back with whichever hand I had free until an idea hit me. Pulling on a baggy hooded sweatshirt I drew the hood up and left my hair hanging loose. With my face shadowed by the hood and my fringe hanging over my eyes... It could work.

As I prepared I idly wondered what powers I might have, didn't all mutants have superpowers or something? If there was any upside to this situation it would be that.

Stuffing my books into my satchel I swung it over my back, grabbed a handful of candy bars from my desk and hurried downstairs. "Bye mom!" I called out as I hurried out the door.

Walking quickly I kept my face pointed towards the sidewalk, the bus stop wasn't far. I checked my mobile, I had about eight minutes, plenty of time. Along the way I unwrapped several of the bars of gooey chocolaty goodness and munched on them. My stomach rumbled at me in disgust. "I'm a fat slob I know." I whispered to myself. It didn't stop me bribing my stomach into silence.

Reaching the bus stop there were several classmates. Here was the test, whether they would immediately scream mutant. I was sweating, panicking, hoping they didn't find out and murder me right there. One of the guys quite clearly said something about fat, causing giggles, and amusment from his friends and the girls with them. I didn't react, just kept my eyes glued to the ground. To my relief talk quickly turned towards the football game tonight. I'd been in the same classes as them for years but barely knew their names, I tried to keep to myself, in return I was mostly left alone.

The bus was late, giving me plenty of time to think. Minor changes, barely noticeable really, and no-one knew me well enough to suddenly be able to point out my eyes had changed, as for my weight. Didn't dieting peoples weight fluctuate a lot? Like not eating they would lose tonnes then put it back on again? Either way I could just hide it under baggy clothes. I hoped.

Hell, so far everything was normal, I could almost pretend to myself that I had imagined my changes. So long as I didn't grow tentacles or anything weird like that I would be fine.

While I was alone with my thoughts the group of kids began to find ways to amuse themselves. Recreational activities. The kind which made sloppy kissing noises and a girl giggle. I wanted some of that, needed some of that. Animal lust surged inside me and I peeked to see a girl and a tall, rail thin guy making out, his hands on the small of her back, her standing on tiptoes to kiss him, his hands wandering. The sight did interesting things to my insides. Heart racing, stomach doing backflips.

My brain eventually kicked into gear and I forced my gaze away.

"The fuck you looking at you perv!?" Too late. Shame, embarrassment, a roiling cauldron of emotions filled me and the guy stalked over angrily. Somewhere my mind was screaming in fear but I was too scared, my feet had frozen up and I would never have a chance of outrunning him.

Up close he towered over me, lean and mean. Violently pissed off. "Hey you greasy little punk I'm talking to you." I kept my eyes fixed on the ground, no way would I make the same mistake again.

Next thing I knew my vision was swimming and my ear hurt, he'd just punched me in the side of the head. I felt dizzy, sick. Raising my hand to the side of my face I could feel a little blood dripping where rings on his hand had caught me. People were shouting, excited, egging him on.

"I asked you a fucking question arsehole. Answer me." He stepped forwards threateningly. Either way it seemed I would get a beating.
"Nothing!" I muttered quietly.
"Lying piece of crap." He swore at me and shoved me in the chest. "You keep your eyes to yourself you freaky little perv."
He was right in my face I was trying to look away but he was filling my whole vision. Dimly I caught the scent of strawberries on his breath and smiled a little, the scent bringing pleasant thoughts to mind.

He wasn't impressed, he saw the smile and exploded with anger, slugging me in the gut. I retched up my breakfast such as it were.

I'm not a combatative person, which dust offs happen I clear out, look for an escape, try to think my way out. It surprised me when my whole world went red and I lashed out at him trying to hit him back. My fist hit his shoulder and he didn't even flinch, just punched me straight in the jaw where I collapsed to the ground, sobbing in pain and hoping he would leave me alone.

Guys came up to hold him back as he was about to kick me while I was down. "You just remember that you little perv, I'll remember you and If you so much as look at my girlfriend again you'll get worse than that."

He'd said whatever he wanted to say and sauntered back over to his group of friends, the bus arrived like twenty seconds later while I was still curled up holding my stomach in pain. While I lay there like a crushed bug the bus drove away.

I think that's a no to super-strength and super-toughness.
Forum: Questions and Answers
 Topic: A question on how to define a power or two.
A question on how to define a power or two. [message #92691] Thu, 18 September 2014 13:24
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"Sense Weakness"
Pretty much what it says on the tin. Person has the ability to 'see'/'feel' what weaknesses, stressor points, 'shatterpoints', 'breaking points' a person or item applies.
Intinally it'll be a combat sense, but will generally expand to include social interaction and other aspects. Pretty strong ability, IF you learn to use it presicely.

Pretty much the Bleach ability. Fairly _short range_, though. Said charater(yes, for my story) will only have a range of about 10-20 feet intinally that he can flash step, and using too many back to back will HURT.
Forum: Fan Fiction Discussion
 Topic: Impl4nted
Impl4nted [message #92678] Thu, 18 September 2014 10:21
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Ah, the joy that is high school. Rolling Eyes


What stories should I put here?

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