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It's All in the Game [message #38810] Sun, 15 May 2011 21:57 Go to next message
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Edit: Prequel story: 11710

Luckily I also posted the story here, so I didn't lose everything. This starts again with part 23

Current update:

Green Ranger sweated a bit as Black Armos led the way to the back of the office building. The hacked cameras had shown three thugs guarding this entrance, four in the front watching security monitors and another four with Ripper Rick and the hostages in a top conference room. The hostages, a cheer leading team and their coach were huddled in one corner trying to use first aid on the two girls that had already been shot. Luckily it looked like nothing more had been done . . . yet. GR wondered why the company had felt it necessary to put cameras in every room and hallway, but decided that was less important than getting the hostages safe.

Once at the door, the team plastered themselves to the brick wall while GR pulled a tool from a pocket and carefully (and silently) cut through the lock and latch and put a handle on the door with magnets. Once done he nodded to Officer Jenkins, double checked the locations of the gang members and readied his dart gun. He whispered 'go' and slipped into his paragon state.

At once everything felt simple and easy. Jenkins pulled the door open and he just 'knew' the exact arm angle needed to dart the shocked gangsters right in the jugular with a onetwothree of movement, diving forward with BA to catch them as they fell to minimize any noise. He quickly checked the camera relay and smiled at the lack of reaction from the gangsters on monitor duty. Still, they didn't know if there was a check in so they weren't out of the woods yet. The officers zip tied the sedated gangsters, taped a copy of the Miranda Rights on them and gave a nod.

BA and GR nodded back and led the way on silenced footwear to the back stairs . . . up the stairs, footsteps echoing no matter what they did, and down the second floor hallway. He still couldn't believe their luck that the conference room itself didn't have any windows to warn of their approach, and positioning by the door. He checked the room through the camera one last time and locations were finalized. The hostages were on the right with two gangsters watching them, Ripper paced back and forth angrily, and the last two were playing a card game while eyeing the girls and leering.

BA got in a charging stance across from the door while GR and the cops got ready to follow. GR held up a fist, three fingers, two, one and BA took off, smashing through the door like it was paper, chunks of wood flying as he dove right at one of the guards, GR following to take out the other with an arrow to the hand, disarming him. The cops broke left with shouts of 'Police' and 'Get Down'.

The gangster BA body checked flew to slam against the wall and slumped down, limp. GA dropped his bow to dart the disarmed gangster into unconsciousness, and the two heroes grabbed the conference table and turned it on its side to make a wall between the hostages and the remaining gangsters.

The cops, dressed in full riot gear were protected from the small arms fire of the gangsters . . . who were not similarly safe. After a rough and noisy few minutes, the shootout was over. The two card playing gangsters had died rather than surrender, the one the BA had taken out was still down for the count and the fourth was sleeping with an arrow through his hand.

"I . . . is it over?" The coach asked, fear and hope in her eyes. "Are . . . are we safe?"

"Just about, ma'am." GR reassured her. He turned to Officer Jenkins. "With your permission, officer?"

"Go ahead." He nodded. "We can cleanup here."

"Wait, where's Ripper?" Frank spoke up.

"Die, you &*% capes!" Ripper snarled as he jumped up from behind a pile of chairs with a strange looking gun in his hand.

"GR, look out!" BA pushed him out of the way just before a lance of multicolored light punched through him to the other side . . . catching Jenkins through the shoulder as it even went through the wall. Blood started pouring through the hole in his armor as BA threw a bolt of darkness to drop Ripper.

"Armos!" GR yelled as BA fell to his knees, clutching his chest.

"Alan? I don't feel so good." BA said weakly as a trickle of blood started flowing out the front of his helmet.


GR paced back and forth in the emergency waiting room while Scott underwent surgery. He stopped as the Sgt who had been in charge of the hostage situation walked into the room.

"Sit down, kid. All you're doing is wearing a hole in the floor."

GR stopped and forced himself to calm down. "How is Officer Jenkins?"

"Flesh wound. He won't be able to use his arm for a while, but he'll be fine."

"Good." GR took a deep breath. "That's good."

"You saved a lot of lives today." The Sgt told him. "The hostages, my men . . . we couldn't have done it without you. That asshole wasn't giving time for a better plan."

"Yeah." GR focused on him. "I'm sorry, what is your name?"

"Harry Richards." He replied, and waited for the inevitable reactions.

"Harry, right." GR sighed and looked at the doors leading to the emergency room.

"How bad is it?" Harry asked.

"The disintegration ray went through his right lung." GR said softly. "I plugged the holes . . . but he lost a lot of blood and the lung collapsed. He only lived to the hospital because he's an Exemplar."

"He looks like a real fighter. He'll pull through." Harry said firmly.

"How the hell did a street punk get his hands on a hand held disintegration ray!? It's a fucking five grand weapon with three shots!" GR turned and punched the wall, leaving a dent in the plaster next to countless other dents. "The damn thing is marketed as a cape killer."

"We've got people working on it, but we have our hands full right now."

"Yeah, I know." GR nodded. "It's just . . . fuck I don't know. It's hard. He's always been so . . . solid. So there. He's a tank."

"Well, Ripper's not going free. No way any lawyer can weasel him out of this."

"He's not who I care about. I want the guy who put the damn thing in his hands!"

"You 'n me both kid. But don't step over your limits. You find the guy, you give him to us." Harry told him.

"Are you the hero calling himself 'Green Ranger'?" A serious looking young man asked.

"Yes, that's me." GR sighed. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"You are ordered to 'cease and desist the usage of the trademarked and copyrighted name 'Green Ranger' by Bandai Entertainment.' " The man said as he handed a large envelope to GR.

"What?" He reflexively took hold of the envelope as the man blinked away with a small 'pop' of displaced air.

"Tough luck, kid." Harry shook his head.

GR tore through the papers, scanning the contents. "Do not . . . sue . . . 30 days to comply . . . THE FUCK IS THIS!?"

"You didn't check that it was taken already?"

"The registration system checked if a name's already in use! They said there wasn't any trouble. I don't need this now. I don't fucking need this!" GR ranted.

The outside door opened again to show a nicely curved woman in a form fitting pink and yellow suit with heeled boots, and a motorcycle helmet to hide her face. "Cool it, GR." She told him, posing in the doorway, hand on one hip (very close to the pistol ray gun holstered there).

"Sta . . . er Zapgrrl." GR blinked at her. "Why the costume?"

"Only way I could get through the media circus around the building." She walked over, swaying her hips as she went. "How's BA?"

"In surgery yet." GR collapsed into a chair. "And to top it off I just found out my codename is copyrighted."

"Really? Who?" Zapgrrl sat next to him.

"Power Rangers." GR said bitterly. "C'mon, does anyone even watch that show anymore?"

"My kid does. Tough break, kid. At least they gave you a month." Harry waved as he walked out of the room.

"Yeah . . ." GR shook his head.

"How bad is it?"

"I can't use green in any part of my costume, codename, or any other color with Ranger in the name." He gripped flipping through the pages.

"Harsh." She gave him a hug.

"You better watch it too." He commented. "Your bodysuit is a colorscheme away from being Samus's Zero Suit."

"Which is why I have two colors in a pattern."

"Ah well. At least we can soak Saurandin for my new costume." He quirked a smile.

"How 'bout you drop the green and use 'Ranger'?"

"Taken." He looked at the door. "Where's Za . . . Hylan?"

"Dunno. I called, but she's not answering."

"Oh." He leaned back to stare at the ceiling.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay. He'll pull through."

"It woulda been me. He pushed me out of the way . . .took the hit for me." GR looked bleak.

"Hey, none of that." Zapgrrl admonished him.

They looked up as the emergency room doors opened to let a doctor though.

"Is he . . .' GR leapt to his feet.

"The surgery went well. He's going to be out of it for a few days while his lung heals, and he'll need to be here for a few weeks." The doctor game them a smile.'

"Thank God." GR relaxed.

"However, I would not allow him to . . . 'work' . . . for at least a month after he is allowed home." He cautioned them.

"He does have some regen, does that count?" Zapgrrl asked.

"We have taken that into account already, miss. Normally he would be spending months here."

"Can I see him?" GR asked.

"We can't allow you in the room for risk of infection, but we do have an observation window." The doctor led them through the side to the intensive care wing where they saw Scott hooked up to a breathing machine, chest and face wrapped in bandages.

"Why is his face wrapped up? I thought it was just his lung that got hit."

"Despite the best efforts of security and staff, reporters do sometimes get through. The bandages give time for us to remove the intruder before his identity is compromised."

GR stood staring through the window at Scott . . . one hand on the glass.

The doctor rested his hand on GR's shoulder. "He will be fine. Black Armos is at the right point where his powers make him strong, but allow for effective surgery, with a fast recovery." He gave Zapgrrl a nod. "I'll let you two be for a while."

Zapgrrl waited until they were alone before giving her brother another hug. "It's gonna be okay. And until he's on his feet again, I'll help with patrols and stuff." She lifted her faceplate to show a grim face. "We'll get the guy."

"Thanks, sis." Alan smiled weakly and put his 'game face' on. "Well, time to face the music."

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Alan and Zapgrrl walked out the front of the hospital to face the small horde of reporters waiting for a chance at a story.

"Green Hoodie, what is" "How is" "Do you think" "What are your views on"

He held up a hand, palm out in a 'stop' gesture. "I will answer a few questions, one at a time. You first." He pointed at a professionally dressed woman with a news camera behind her.

"Megan Minx, CNN news. What is the status of your partner, is it true that he was struck with a disintegration ray?"

"Yes, it was true that he was hit by a disintegration ray." Alan took a deep breath to collect himself. "The gang leader 'Ripper Rick' had one in his possession, and was going to fire on me when Black Armos pushed me out of the way. The ray hit one of his lungs and he has just left surgery. I am told it went well and they expect a full recovery. Next question please." He pointed to a reporter with a non-video cameraman.

"Considering that half the gangsters are dead, and some of the hostages were shot, don't you think your presence made the situation worse?" This reporter had a clearly unfriendly look on her face.

"First, the hostages were injured before any move was made by Black Armos and I. Second, the gangsters were given a chance to surrender before the first shot was fired." He looked her right in the eyes. "Finally, Ripper Rick is a known rapist/murderer. It was guaranteed that if he wasn't stopped, every single one of those girls would have died in one of the worst ways."

"But you . . ." She tried to continue, but was cut off.

"Next question, you." He moved on.

"Who is the costumed lady next to you, and what is your relationship?" The greasy looking man asked.

Alan stepped aside as Zapgrrl stepped forward.

"I'm Zapgrrl, two rs and while BA is out of commission, I'll be working with GR here as he assists the police in stopping this gang war." She struck a pose as the various cameras went off.

Alan waited a moment for her to get good press and stepped forward again. "That is all the questions I will answer today, but I do have a couple announcements. First, I have been informed that my codename 'Green Ranger' is copyrighted. I will be changing that once I have decided on a new one." That sent some murmurs through the crowd of reporters. " The second announcement is to whoever is behind this war. You <i>will</i> be sto . . ."

Just as Alan moved down the steps to add emphasis to his threat, an arrow passed just above his head to smash through the glass doors of the hospital. Some of the reporters screamed and panicked but the tougher and more experienced ones just scanned the area for newsworthy pictures.

Zapgrrl and Alan didn't hesitate, though. Years of the sims at Whateley taught them to immediately start moving. They took off in opposite directions and ran toward where the arrow had come from, a multistory office building across the street from the hospital.

Alan tapped his earpiece. "Ops, had another arrow fired at me. Zapgrrl and I are attempting to catch the shooter. Patch her into the com system, please."

"Who's Zapgrrl?" Rachel asked, confused.

"My sister. She put a phone in her helmet, number 555-3709."

"How do I patch her in?"

He fought down a growl of frustration. "Conference call button on"

"Don't bother, I hacked in." Zapgrrl laughed.

"Alright. ZG I'll go in through the front. Do we have a map of the building, Ops?"

"What building?" Rachel panicked.

"The . . . nevermind." Alan sighed.

"I'm at the back, busting in!" The distinctive sound of Zapgrrl's lightning gun sounded through the com gear.

"Dammit, wait until I'm in position!" Alan growled though the com as he ran in a broken pattern to the front door. He slipped inside at an angle and quickly scanned the shocked workers. "Did anyone unusual enter the building?" He demanded.

"I . . . I . . . I . . ." The receptionist stammered.

"Calm down, ma'am. I'm a hero. Just now someone was shooting at the hospital from this building. Has anyone strange entered?"

"N . . . no." She shook her head.

*alright! Any assassinating dirtbags here?*

Alan winced at the com chatter and sighed. "Well, I am going to do a search of the building. It would be a help if you called the police." He walked to the stairs and touched the com. "ZG. Cut it out. Now."

"Hey, gotta show 'em who's boss." She replied.

"Now." He ordered.

"You're no fun." She sulked.


"He didn't deserve that." Zapgrrl said quietly as she and Alan watched the police bodybag the buiding's former security guard.

"No. He didn't." He agreed.

"Anything you want to add to your statement?" Sgt. Harry Richards asked.

"Whoever did this is going to pay." Alan said coldly.

"Damn straight. We'll try to lift some prints, but . . ." Harry shook his head. "Most of your type wear gloves."

"Yeah." Alan shook his head. "I'm getting out of costume before this day gets any worse."


Alan entered the apartment and dropped his bag of gear with a groan. "What a completely fucked day."

"Oh. Hi Alan." Zelda said distractedly, staring at the TV.

"Don't you ever check for messages?" He demanded.

"Why?" She blinked at turned her head to look at him.

"Scott's in the hospital. He was shot in the lung by a disintegration ray." He snapped.

"Oh." She looked back at the TV.

"Is that all you can say? Oh?"

"Well he's gonna be fine, right? You didn't say he was dead." She continued staring at the screen.

"Have some fucking sympathy, will you!?" He yelled at her. "Christ, ever since you changed it's like you're someone else."

"Now I'm a better person."

"If you're such a better person, why don't you show some damn concern? Alan demanded, growing angrier by the moment. "I thought you liked him!"

"Maybe I didn't like him as much as I thought." She gave a shrug.

"Screw it. I'm too tired to have this argument. It's been a long day, and I gotta patrol with Stacy tomorrow morning." He stopped and spoke without looking at her. "I nearly caught an arrow to the face too. If you care."

"Good night." Zelda replied . . . staring at the blank screen of the television.


Alwyn swore as she fired arrow after arrow into the head of the practice dummy. "I had him! Left eye! Perfect shot!"

"Sister, I must speak with you." Gorwyn growled as he walked into the practice room.

"I'm busy! Go suck up to Father." She snapped.

"You are interfering with my plan." He said coldly.

"You mean you don't want them dead?" She gasped with mock astonishment. "Then whyever did you give that human one of their 'guns'?"

"I want them dead, but not in a way that can be traced to us." He pulled the bow out of her hands and broke it over his knee. "Either way, once the princess is in our hands, I do not care what you do with them. But until then, do not cross me."

"That was mine!" Alwyn shrieked, going for his eyes.

Gorwyn clubbed her down with the pieces of the bow. "I will get you a better one. When the princess is ours."

"Fine! But it better be a really nice one!" Alwyn sulked.


"Tell me you've found him." Alan begged TBM, standing on the roof with Zapgrrl next to him.

"He is proving . . . frustrating to find." TBM sighed. "Whenever it seems as though I am close, I am . . . diverted somehow."

"That sucks." ZG said sympathetically.

"Mind if I ask who you brought?" Alan nodded to the cloaked figure slightly behind TBM.

"You don't remember me? I'm hurt." A pleasingly sexy woman's voice said from the hood . . . and she pulled it back to reveal long copper hair that framed a gorgeous face.

"Hello Shuffle." Alan said coldly.

"I take it you two know each other." TBM stated.

"We used to date." She said with a laugh.

"Is that what you're calling it?" Alan snapped at her. "I thought it was 'using some guy to get what you want'."

"It's not my fault you couldn't fit my needs."

"Says the chick that tried to blow every guy in school. Students and teachers." ZG commented.

"Big words from the campus slut." Shuffle snapped back.

"I did not bring you here for this." TBM said meaningfully.

"Why did you bring her?" Alan sighed.

"She has a healing power. I called her in to help BA along, and together we can all assault the base of the mastermind behind the gang war."

"I thought you couldn't find it?" ZG asked.

"Shuffle's array of powers should help overcome that difficulty."

Alan gave Shuffle a long look and shook his head. "Fine. Just . . . fine. But the minute the guy is taken down, get the hell out of my city."

"Don't worry. Once I get what I came for, I am out of this dirty little town." She laughed.

"Let us get to the hospital, and then to your headquarters for a strategy session." TBM interjected.


"I don't mean to step on your toes, but we need him back in the game as soon as possible." Alan apologized to the doctor overseeing Scott.

"Just get this over with." The doctor scowled through the window as Shuffle used her powers to fix the holes in Scott.

"Don't you guys love healers? Don't they make your job easier?" ZG asked, curious at the doctor's reaction.

"No. We don't." The doctor said coldly. "What they do does nothing for medical knowledge, they are barely educated to proper levels . . . if at all . . . and too often they operate on a 'you're healed, go home' mindset. No education of the patient, no follow-up, no prevention of repeat visits."

"And yet people . . . that don't hate supers . . . want them first." TBM finished. "I do understand your points, but the sooner he is able to return to work, the sooner we can end this war."

"That is the only reason I'm allowing this. See yourselves out." The doctor turned and stalked away on his night rounds.

"Wow. Stick up his butt much?" ZG grumbled.

"Every word he says is true." TBM sighed.

"Wonder how he feels about other powers in medicine?" Alan watched through the window as Scott woke up and pulled off the breathing machine.

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"Who is she?" Rachel scowled at Shuffle from across the room.

"Codename Shuffle. She's a superhero from Lansing. Powers: Mimic, she's been on three teams in the past two years and every one's been in shambles after she was kicked out." Frank said instantly.

"What is she doing here? She better not try and put the moves on Alan!" Rachel said firmly.

"Fat chance, she dumped him back in high school." Stacy told her as she walked to the impromptu meeting.

"So far you've shown us where he isn't. How about something useful?" Alan snapped at the gorgeous mimic.

"This isn't fucking easy!" Shuffle snapped back.

"Calm down, both of you." TBM stepped on the forming argument . . . again. "With enough point scatter, a picture will eventually form and we can formulate an attack plan."

"Still nothing?" Stacy asked loudly just as Shuffle started concentrating.

"Fuck off!" Shuffle yelled, attempted search failing.

"Why don't you two go out on patrol, if you aren't being constructive here?" TBM's patience was clearly wearing through.

"Be great to get out and about again." Scott grinned, moving to the door.

"Not you." TBM stopped him. "So far everyone thinks you are still in the hospital. We need you out of sight so they can't plan for you."

"Sorry, BA." Alan said, patting him on the back.

"C'mon bro, let's . . . blow." Stacy popped her helmet back on and turned as Shuffle let out a frustrated screech.

With all the drama going on at the planning table, no one noticed William Bear collect papers into a folder and walk out the back.


"Why don't I ever get to drive the car?" Zapgrrl whined.

"Because it's my car." The hero formerly known as Green Ranger replied.

"You always say that." She folded her arms and turned to look out the window.

"And for good reason." He stopped at a light and waved as a young woman in the car in the next lane blew a kiss.

"Name it." She shot back.

"Your Sophomore Winter Combat Final." He responded. "Mrs. Carson had an assembly and added a chapter in the student handbook just for you."

"Okay yeah." She sounded embarrassed. "That was my fault."

"Poor guy." He shook his head, turning into the seedier parts of the city. "I heard it took a month to decant him."

"Say, is that trouble?" She pointed to where a dozen teens were facing off.

"Not anymore." He parked the car.


"Son. How is the plan progressing." Saurandin demanded of Gorwyn.

"Very well, Father." Gorwyn replied. "Already one of the Princess's protectors has been wounded almost to death. Our pawn shall soon have a tight grip on the city's underworld, and we can lay a proper trap for them."

"Excellent. Once all her protectors have perished, she will have no choice but to come to us. You have done well, my son." Saurandin smiled.

"I wouldn't celebrate just yet, boss." William Bear said from the doorway.

"How dare you interrupt, human!" Saurandin whirled, furious.

"I interrupt because I have some information you need." William responded, unconcerned about the show of anger.

"And you think that . . " Saurandin was working himself into a fine rant before William cut him off.

"The one your boy put down is back on his feet again. They pulled in a chick with powers out her ass, and she healed him right up. When I left he was pumping a quarter ton like it was nothing."

"So he received the attentions of a healer. A setback, but not a serious problem." Gorwyn replied.

"She ain't 'just' a healer." William handed over a file. "I did some checking, and she's a top line power mimic. Damn near Mimeo class . . . only two powers at once, but once she's got 'em she keeps 'em forever."

"Even so, the human. . ." Saurandin glanced through the file and closed it.

"You don't get it." He said firmly. "She's got 'A' class powers, just needs experience and attitude change. As it is, she's a 'B'. These guys you've been dealing with are C or D class. There's a huge jump from that to her."

"This is of concern." Gorwyn frowned as he read the file thoroughly.

"Right now she's using powers to look through the city to track down your guy. And they'll mop the floor with your prettyboy."

"Father, he is correct. If this information is accurate, it would take a squad of Royal Guard to defeat her." Gorwyn looked concerned.

"We have anti-scrying wards around the pawn, but very well." Saurandin sighed. "If we must accelerate the plan so be it. I will keep the Princess here. Give up our pawn, we shall turn the princess early and use her power to kill them."

"Wait, you never said anything about killing capes." William frowned, looking from one to the other.

"What does it matter?" Saurandin gave Gorwyn a nod.

"Capes are worse than cops when it comes to . . . what're you trying to pull?" William started backing away from Gorwyn as the Sidhe warrior started to advance on him.

"You have become a liability." Gorwyn moved faster.

William took one look at him and bolted to the door . . . only to find it immobile. "You crazy fuckers! Let me out and I won't tell anyone anything!"

Gorwyn said nothing as he inexorably advanced.


"Sister, I have a gift for you." Gorwyn informed Alwyn.

"For me?" She asked gleefully.

"Yes." He smiled. "Do whatever you want with it."

"Thank you so much!" She gave her brother a hug as William feebly struggled to get away, whimpering.


Zelda sat in her room painting when there was a knock on the door. She put the brush down and went to answer it. "Hello?"

"We need to talk, child." The landlady, Mrs. Nedermyer said through the door.

"What about?" She looked puzzled as she opened the door to let her in.

"I have always run a moral house." The short, portly woman stated, not looking at the gorgeous Sidhe woman.

"Yeah, I know." Zelda still looked a little confused.

"No wild parties, a clean and presentable apartment . . . and no women together with men."

"Uh huh." She nodded.

"And so either you must leave, or Alan and Scott must leave."

"What? Why?" Zelda looked shocked . . . not noticing that Mrs. Nedermyer's eyes were slightly hazed over.

"Women living with men outside of wedlock. You signed the lease agreement."

"But . . .I . . ." Her mouth opened and closed a few times.

"Is there something the matter?" Saurandin asked, entering the apartment.

"She's kicking me out!" Zelda told him, panicked. "Do something! I . . . don't have anywhere to go!"

"You most certainly have somewhere to go." He said kindly. "You are always welcome at my home, you know that." He put a hand on her shoulder and a haze formed over her eyes.

"Really?" Zelda's voice started to sound . . . distant.

"Yes. Just come with me and everything will be made right." He smiled and gently led her outside.

"But what about my things? My paintings?" The haze cleared a little as she frowned and started to resist.

"I will send a servant to collect them." He exerted a little more pressure and the haze turned to fog.

"Okay." She said dully.

"Very good." Saurandin smiled.


A short time later the phone rang in the empty apartment.

"Hey, Z. I got healed out of the hospital, and Alan and I have a 'project' we need to work on the next few days. Stacy says you can use her car, but only for work and training. Talk to you later."


After hours of nonstop work, Shuffle gave out a triumphant yell. "Got him!" She pointed to a (supposedly) abandoned warehouse.

"You're certain?" TBM asked intently.

"Hold on." She concentrated for a minute and held up her hands. An image of the inside of the warehouse appeared, showing a masked man in a gaudy pink costume sitting on a 'throne' while several woman lounged around him, attending to his whims.

"Hmm. He certainly is new. Can you pan out for the surroundings?" TBM asked.

"I'll try." Shuffle frowned and concentrated again . . . but the image broke apart. "Ow." She rubbed her head.

"Well, that should be enough for the moment. We now have a location, and can make a plan of attack." TBM smiled.

"GR and I must've walked by the place dozens of times." BA frowned. "Man . . . to think he was that close."

"It happens." TBM said reassuringly. "I remember when the Secret Six and the Fanatic Five each had their headquarters across the street from each other . . . and it was two years before they found out!"

"I did my part. I want my payout." Shuffle demanded.

"What payout?" BA frowned behind his helmet.

"You." She poked him. "I want your power."

"What?" He backed up. "No way."

"Yes way. What's wrong, a bit tough guy turning me down? Not happening." She pressed forward.

"After what you did to GR, no way." He said firmly.

"If you want my help taking this guy down, you and me are going to the back room right now."

"No." He turned and started walking.

She glared at his back. "You are gay."

He stopped and turned his head. "No, I just have standards." He walked on.

"What is this all about?" TBM asked.

"To gain a power, I need to . . . consume . . . about a cup of their dna." She said shortly, making a face.

"Odd. I wouldn't think he was so adverse to having blood taken."

"Blood?" She blinked. "Blood! Hey, I have an alternative!" She rushed after BA.


"This is really uncomfortable." BA grumbled from the floor of the back seat.

"This isn't a picnic for us either." Shuffle pointed out, sitting next to Zapgrrl.

"Don't make me pull over." Alan . . . now Urban Ranger said. He was in his new costume . . . remarkably like the old, but a new color scheme that made him blend with the brick, cement and pavement of the urban landscape.

"An . . . interesting vehicle. What improvements does it have?" TBM looked at the car.

"Remote control driving." UR replied.

"Very nice. What else?"

"That's pretty much it."

"Still, you did a very good job disguising it to look like a beat up old wreck. No one would think for a moment it was the vehicle of a superhero. Very good psychology." TBM said approvingly.

Shuffle just sniggered in the back while UR said nothing.

"Are we there yet?" Zapgrrl whined.

UR groaned as he stopped for yet another red light.

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"Do you all remember the plan?" TBM looked at the assorted heros, getting nods in return. "Then let us get ready."

Urban Ranger checked his utility belt and arrows, Zapgrrl checked her power levels, Black Armos manifested his sword and shield, and Shuffle manifested her own suit of shadow armor . . . identical to BA only shaped to her body. UR looked from Shuffle to BA and sighed.

"You didn't . . ." He gave BA a look of pity.

"I gave her blood." BA said gruffly, his creepy echoing voice sounding just a bit sullen.

"That was an option?" UR looked at Shuffle with disgust.

"It is now." Shuffle's voice would be the envy of any goth girl, sounding dark and mysterious with a sexy touch to it.

"Focus everyone. Once Zapgrrl, Urban Ranger and I give the signal from our ambush point, we will need you two to perform a frontal assault to distract the minions."

"And once we take the minions down we all work together to take down the mastermind, we know." Zapgrrl nodded, rolling her eyes behind her mask.

"Shuffle, we need you to use psychic null for one of your powers, in the event the mastermind is a psi."

"Very well." She demanifested her armor and concentrated for a minute before nodding and putting the armor back on.

"I think we're as prepared as we can be." UR looked to TBM and tapped his earpiece. "Ops, beginning operation now."

"Ready, Mr. Ranger!" Frank's eager voice sounded.

"Where's Bill?" UR blinked. 'I thought it was his shift."

"He didn't show up today or yesterday, and we can't reach him."

"Well, we can deal with it later. Team One moving into position." UR followed TBM and ZG as they infiltrated the warehouse.


"This looks bad." UR murmured to himself as he looked at the main floor of the warehouse.

"Indeed." TBM replied, just as quiet. "We got here just in time . . . he seems ready to make his debut."

"Quick question." Zapgrrl whispered. "Is anything here actually illegal?"

The other two looked at her, eyebrows raised.

"Well . . . sure they have a ton of automatic weapons, but even if that's suspicious, it's not illegal." She said defensively.

"That guy's smoking a joint. That good enough?" UR pointed him out.

"Works for me." She pulled out her lightning gun and gave it a spin. "Let's fry these turkeys."

"I think we're gonna need to have a talk, ZG." UR sighed and tapped his com. "Team 2, we are 'go'. Repeat, we are 'go'."

"Roger that." BA replied.

The three infiltrators continued to monitor the scene below. On a small dais was the villain's 'throne' where he sat surrounded by scantily clad women. Scattered throughout the floor was several dozen males ranging from late teens to late 20s, the 'cream' of the gangs that had been recruited by the emerging villain. The minions were all either looking through the crates of weapons, fooling around with some task, or just some random thing.

The villain himself was in a pink spandex bodysuit, full face mask, and a glittery red heart on his chest. He certainly looked fit, if a bit on the slim side, but clearly wasn't a physical slouch. Despite how the women fawned on him, it was clear that he was almost bored of the attention.

That boredom ceased the moment that two black suits of armor crashed through the wall in a dramatic entrance. BA started smashing weaponry right away, while Shuffle threw bolts of darkness at minions, her many hours of blaster training letting her hit with speed and accuracy.

"How did you find my lair?" The villain declaimed as he leapt to his feet, pointing at the intruders. "Attack, minions!"

UR smiled at the inept fumbling of the minions as he kept a firm grip on Zapgrrl. "Wait for it . . ."

"Now." TBM ordered, at just the critical moment when the minions had committed to their attack, but before they could carry it out.

UR let go of Zapgrrl and all three heroes jumped down from their vantage point. TBM rolled on landing to start disabling minions with a tonfa/shock rod, Zapgrrl cheerfully started blasting away, and UR ran to confront the villain . . . either to take him out, or delay him long enough for one of his teammates to assist. He shot a few stun arrows on the run, but the man in pink batted them aside with faster than human reflexes.

"How dare you interfere with my mission! I'll see you pay!" The villain declared.

"And what is this mission?" UR tried to get him monologing while he calculated. The guy was either low speedster or decent exemplar . . . the looks pushed him to exemplar . . . which means he could still have another power.

"It is my destiny to take control of this city's underworld! I will rule as a king from the shadows!"

"Pff, with that gaudy pink suit you look more like a 'queen'." UR taunted, drawing his sword and moving in.

"Your feeble mockery will not save you! See my true power! Serve Me. Attack my Enemies"

"What do you thin- AIEE!" UR screamed as he felt a bolt of electricity hit him hard. He fell to his knees and turned to see a sight that chilled his blood.

TBM was dodging through obstacles to avoid Zapgrrl, while BA had his hands full with a furiously slashing Shuffle.

"Ohshit." It couldn't be mind control . . . Shuffle had sucked off a high level null. And it couldn't be a Siren . . . Zapgrrl had sonic dampers in her helmet. Which leaves . . . "Magic." He glanced at the villain, but since he seemed content to watch his mindslaves do battle, UR left him to help out the team.

He made a split decision and sheathed his sword to draw his bow. He pulled out two arrows to aim at the back of Shuffle.

"Ha! You are quite the hero, so willing to attack your own teammates! Even if you should manage to defeat me, how can they every trust you again?"

UR ignored him and loosed the arrows to strike Shuffle dead center to explode into ice. Immediately he grabbed two more and shot them at BA to explode in light.

Satisfied, he put his bow away and ducked another shot by Zapgrrl.


BA smiles as the arrows hit home and he renewed his attack. The ice arrows drained Shuffle's armor just enough and the light arrows strengthened him just enough to give him the edge . . . for now anyway. She flexed her arms to break the ice away from her body, but that was distraction enough for him to deliver a double handed blow with his sword to stagger her.

"Fight this, Shuffle! You don't want to do this." He said urgently.

"Must destroy the enemies of the master." She manifested a katana to hack at him.

BA intercepted the blow easily and turned her aside to punch her hard, smashing her into the wall. He didn't hesitate but drove after, dropping his sword to start pounding with gauntleted fists. She blocked and returned punch for punch.

He sweated a bit as he felt his energized boost start to fade, even as Shuffle started to hit harder. The problem is that both of them couldn't do enough damage through the armor to make a difference. Although . . . he eyed where the cement cracked under her feet. Even if she had plenty of experience fighting bricks, this was the first time she was a brick herself. Combined with her personality . . . he took a moment to look around and a plan formed.

He started to fall back under her assault, acting like the fight was wearing him out . . . as arrogant as she was she believed it. She increased her assault as he backed up to the loading docks . . . carefully leading her to what he had spotted. A high strength chain hopefully good for more than half a ton.

At just the right moment he used a disarming move to separate her from her sword long enough to catch her by surprise . . . and put her in a lock.

"This won't hold me for long!" She struggled.

"It doesn't have to." He snagged the chain with a free hand and proceeded to wrap her up in it as best he could, practically mummifying her. Once done, he stepped back to evaluate the job. "It's not duct tape, but it'll do."

She struggled against the bindings . . . but it looked like the chain was indeed more than the max strength her armor gave her. "You think you've beaten me? All I have to do is switch to magnetic . . ."

The armor vanished as she concentrated and BA simply bopped her in the head with calculated force, knocking her out.

"Your biggest weakness is that you can't switch out powers in the middle of a fight." He eyed her limp body and shrugged, walking away. "Eh, she'll be fine."


TBM and UR hid behind a stack of crates as Zapgrrl kept shooting her lightning gun at them.

"Shouldn't she have drained the battery by now?" TBM demanded.

"I wish." UR muttered, wincing as a bit of the barrier broke away from a lucky shot. "She's got some weird devise in her suit that pulls energy out of the air. It kills cell signals though."

"We can't just sit here. I know you are hesitant to strike her . . ."

"Hold that thought." UR pulled something from his utility belt and threw it during a break in the shots.

"Ow!" Zapgrrl yelled angrily. "That hurt, you ass!"

UR reached out and snagged the boomerang on return. "I don't suppose you were an only child, were you?"

"I . . . may have been." TBM admitted.

"Figured. Break!" UR found another pause in shots and threw the boomerang . . . this time running after it . . . getting a solid shot to the center of mass that dropped him, twitching.

"Got y OW!" Zapgrrl's celebration was cut short as TBM used his tonfa to disarm her . . . followed by several strikes guaranteed to take her out of the fight with no permanent harm.

"And now for you." TBM checked on UR before turning to face the villain . . . who was surrounded by his harem and a solid dozen remaining minions.

"Do you think I fear you? One single man? I have an army!" The villain boasted.

TBM simply threw the sleep grenade he palmed from UR. The group yelled and screamed in their haste to get away, but that only accelerated the effect of the gas. Soon only the villain in pink remained.

"You said something about an army?" TBM asked, stepping into stance, tonfa ready. "Come on then. Let's see who the better man is."

The villain looked around at his smashed 'lair', sleeping minions, and back at TMB. He tensed . . . getting ready . . . and bolted, running away. TBM swore and followed, skirting the edge of the remaining cloud of sleep gas.

"Whuh?" The red lights in BA's helmet blinked as the villain crashed into him in his blind retreat.

"Stop him!" TBM yelled.

"Get out of my way!" The villain snarled and took a swing at the armored hero.

"Hey, I actually felt that." BA's red eyes flared as he rocked back from the punch. "Still, you gotta do better than that if you wanna get by me." He blocked the next wild swing and turned it into an arm lock. "What is your name, anyway."

"Ow, ow! You're hurting me!" The villain whined.

"What. Is. Your. Name." BA repeated, twisting the arm more.

"Ow! Mario. I give, I give!" Mario yelled.

TBM gave Mario an odd look. "A . . . unique choice of codename for a villain."

"My codename is 'Love Master'." Mario supplied.

"I find it hard to believe you came up with this plan on your own." TBM pulled out a set of brick handcuffs and slapped them on 'Love Master' before frisking him thoroughly. He eventually came up with a strange amulet.

"What's that?" BA asked, making sure Mario stayed put.

TBM had a disgusted look on his face. "The Amulet of Eros. I took it off a woman who used it to make men her love slaves, to marry and take their fortune when they died. I turned it over to a mage association for safe keeping. I should have smashed the blasted thing."

"That's mine! Give it back!" Mario struggled.

"Shut up." BA slammed his head to the floor. "You're going away for a long, long time for what you did."

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Alan parked the car and leaned against the steering wheel. "What a day."

"Yeah." Scott sighed. "Poor Stacy."

"Yeah. At least at school she hadn't dated any villain wannabes."

"Well, the war's over now. If only because there's no one left to fight it."

"So we can take a break from being a cape. Maybe if we fuss over her, Zelda's attitude will improve." Alan got out of the car and stretched.

"After some shut eye." Scott yawned. "Those cops kept us all night for what happened."

"Yeah." Alan led the way into the apartment and stopped, frowning. The apartment seemed emptier than usual.

"What's the holdup?" Scott yawned again.

"Something seems . . . wrong." He looked at the blinking answering machine and hit play.

"C'mon. What could be . . ."

*First message: Hey Z, I got healed . . .*

"She didn't get your message." Alan frowned more.

"Bleah. Milk went bad." Scott said from the kitchen.

"Hey Zelda . . . you okay?" Alan knocked on her door.

"Dude, you know she'll take your head off if you go in there."

"I'll take the chance." He said grimly, opening the door and stepping in.

Zelda's room was mostly neat and orderly . . . just a couple worn outfits on the floor, and the bed was unmade, but still a vast improvement over how Zane had kept it. It was, however, devoid of any Sidhe princesses.

"Stacy's car was still at Mom and Dad's place, so she didn't take that . . ." Alan prowled the room until the current work of art caught his eye.

Displayed in the middle of the drawing table was a shimmering rainbow sea with a golden raft in the center. A nude Zelda was chained down, a standing puppet mockery in front of her. A 'sky' of shimmering water was held up by a yellow net . . . that was starting to fray and strain under the weight.

"Wow, that's really good." Scott leaned over Alan's shoulder.

"This isn't good." Alan grabbed a stack of finished art and shuffled through the pages. As he went the 'sky' was smaller, the chains less distinct, and the puppet Zelda faded away . . . but when he put them in chronological order, things got worse and worse. "This is really bad, actually."

"It's not like she hasn't drawn weirder." Scott pointed out.

"I gotta make some calls." Alan grabbed the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" TBM's groggy voice asked.

"Blind Man, this is Urban Ranger."

"What is it." He sighed.

"You told BA that you had turned over that amulet to some mages." Alan asked intently.

"Is this important right now?" TBM asked testily.

"Was it the place at ***** Street? Big place, they do powers testing?"

"Yes, it is the only place in the state. What is this about?"

"I may have a lead on how the amulet left the premises. Thanks, sorry about waking you and I'll fill you in later."

"Good night, kid." Click.

Alan walked back to where Scott was leafing through more art.

"This guy kinda looks like you." Scott held up a portrait of a buff blond blue eyes barbarian.

"That prick Saurandin has Zelda." Alan said flatly.

"What, intensive training?"

"Think for a moment Scott. First there was that farce with the 'tests'. And when we beat them down we get all that neat gear . . . just in time for a gang war to break out."

"Seems a stretch." Scott shook his head.

"I called TBM about that amulet . . . he took it to where she had powers testing. And Saurandin has full access to the place." Alan snagged the pile of drawings. "And these chain pictures start right after she started those 'meditation' sessions." He pointed to the dates. "And that's when she started getting super bitchy."

"Okay, I'm sold." Scott nodded. "So, what now? Burst in and snag her?"

Alan sighed and shook his head. "We're too exhausted to be much good, and Stacy's still crying her eyes out. I wanna check ops to see how compromised they are, and try to get a hold of Magus Meddler. We're gonna need some heavy duty backup on this."

"Wish Shuffle hadn't rushed back to Lansing."

"Yeah, we could use a meatshield. But you know how she sulks when she loses. At anything." Alan shrugged.

"Hope Zelda will be okay until we can rescue her." Scott looked worried.

Alan nodded, his face mirroring his roommate.


Zelda drifted through the room, eyes hazed over as she sat in a chair for the maid to properly attire and adorn.

"I am amazed at how easy it is to keep her like this, father." Gorwyn watched as the maid removed Zelda's clothes.

"As am I. I would have thought the reborn queen would have a stronger will, but so long as she has all her power, I care not about will." Saurandin eyes the revealed curves possessively.

Gorwyn eyed the curves with interest as well. "Is it true, that the one who spills the maidenblood of a Royal is bestowed great power?"

"Indeed. I never would have thought to have such a chance." Saurandin's eyes glinted. "That is will be hers is all the better."

"You, father? Will it not be enough to have her power as your own?" Gorwyn almost sounded disrespectful.

"Who else should have it? Ah well. Fun shall be later. To work." Saurandin took a lingering look at Zelda and walked out.

Gorwyn watched as the maid applied makeup before following. He could share the news of the heroes victory over the pawn later. For now, his thoughts were filled with the possibility of gaining some real power for himself. The question was whether he would survive it.


Urban Ranger, Black Armos, and Zapgrrl sat facing Rachel and Frank. The heroes were clearly not happy, and the baselines clearly scared.

"You've been spying on us." UR said flatly.

"Not spying." Frank protested. "Just . . . giving status reports."

"Its spying when we don't know its going on." Zapgrrl snapped.

"We didn't tell him anything important! Nothing personal." Rachel looked about to cry. "I wouldn't do something like that to you." She looked at UR.

"No, that was Willaim." UR looked back, impassive. "You two were just distractions. What sickens me is that it worked."

"Huh?" Frank blinked.

"You were here to appeal to our pride, the hero worship you have." BA informed him.

"And Rachel is so over Gr Urban Ranger that even when he turned her down it distracted him from Zelda." Zapgrrl scowled behind her helmet.

"And now we gotta try and rescue her from a very old, very powerful mage." UR finished, standing up. "Anyway, after I use the gear here to replenish my holdouts none of us are coming back."

"But . . . you need me! I can get you any information about any villain or hero you need any time!" Frank protested.

"All your info comes from fansites devoted to tracking what goes on with supers. I have internet here." Zapgrrl tapped her helmet.

"The MID database is . . ."

"Oh please. Its standard practice to cook your MID just in case the MCO attacks you." BA scorned.


Urban Ranger carefully filled the hollow arrowhead with a deep frozen chemical mix of his own invention, capped it, and fitted it to the shaft.

"What makes her so much better than me?" Rachel demanded.

"She's my friend." He replied, applying the fletching.

"She's beautiful. The perfect face, perfect body . . . that type goes for other beautiful people. She will never lover you back."

"I know." He agreed, putting the arrow aside to cure.

"So why are you helping her?"

Urban Ranger stopped, staring at the wall. "Because years ago, someone I mostly knew from online chat left a life of riches and ease, with maybe a thousand bucks and the clothes on their back and walked fifteen miles in the rain for a chance to be their own person, doing what they love. That's why. She might not be the bravest person, or even competent in much, but when it comes down to it, there's a core of strength that will keep her going no matter what."

"That is so stupid." She spat out.

"Yeah, the smart thing would have been to stop at a gas station and call for a ride." UR shrugged and went to the next arrow.

"Well, why won't you choose me?"

"Because you don't love me." UR sighed.

"I do love you!" She yelled.

"No you don't." He looked at her with pity. "I saved you from a rapist . . . you just focused on me as 'safe'. Get some therapy, find a decent guy, and go after him."

"I found a decent guy. You!" She started stripping and walked toward him. "I'll prove I love you."

UR sighed, hit a couple of her pressure points and knocked her out. "I'm not that good." He muttered, putting her clothes back on and dumping her in a corner.


"Why did you allow this girl to continue to associate with this individual, if you had such misgivings about him?" TBM sighed, looking like he had a headache.

"She needed training." UR said simply. "We figured that if anything hinky started going on, we could pull her out."

"And then that gang war broke out, and we couldn't watch her as good." BA sounded embarrassed.

"I made some discrete inquiries, and the amulet was signed out by Dr. Serenevy . . . but he has no recollection of it. And 'Love Master' has some very large gaps in his memory. He knows that someone gave him the amulet and the plan, but not who." TBM shook his head.

"We haven't been able to get a hold of Magus Meddler or any other Wiz class hero, but we need to get her away now, before he can use her for whatever plot he has." UR looked serious.

"Can we count on your help?" BA pleaded.

"I did owe you two for what you did for me in the gang war, so yes." TBM's tone clearly said this was the favor.

"Better move fast then." UR stood up.


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Urban Ranger and Black Armos knocked on the door, Zapgrrl pacing back and forth behind them. They waited . . . and waited . . . knocking again and again. Finally, after about a half an hour wait, the butler opened the door, giving them an impassive look.

"If you continue to loiter here, the authorities will remove you from the premises." He said coldly, moving to slam the door in their faces . . . only to have it bounce off BA's armored boot.

"We're here for Zelda. She hasn't been home in a few days." UR said calmly, giving a friendly smile to him.

"The Princess is home." The butler tried slamming the door a few more times . . . and failing miserably.

"HEY ZELDA! COME OUT AND PLAY!" Zapgrrl's built in voice amplifier sounded loud enough to rattle the windows on the other side of the mansion.

Ears ringing, the butler inadvertently took a step back, letting the door swing open. The three heroes instantly took advantage of the open door to move inside.

"What is the meaning of this disturbance?" Saurandin demanded, stalking into the room.

"Yeah . . . you know why we are here. Return Zelda to us, or else." UR said flatly.

"The Princess is perfectly happy where she is. No leave. You are not invited." The Sidhe mage drew himself to his full height and looked UR in the eyes.

"How about she tell us for herself?" BA rumbled, stepping forward.

"She does not wish to see any of you, after how horribly you neglected her." Saurandin said smugly.

"ZELDA! LET'S GO DANCING! WE CAN GO TO YOUR FAVORITE CLUBS!" This time Zapgrrl was, if anything, even louder.

"I repeat, show us Zelda." UR was completely unaffected by the sonic outburst . . . thanks to some specialty earplugs.

"You . . . humans get gone, or be destroyed!" Saurandin lost his temper at the impudence of the mortals yelling at him.

"You and what army?" BA laughed.

Saurandin snarled and raised his hand to throw a bolt of black lightning.


The Blind Man waited in a security dead zone for the signal. At the second yelled phrase by Zapgrrl to indicate Saurandin was fully engaged, he slipped in the house. Surveillance had determined the area where the Princess was most of the time, so he proceeded directly there, only stopping to avoid detection.

As he approached the door to the girl's room, he heard two voices. He paused to listen in . . .


"So you see, to best serve my father I require more power. And a very simple way for that is to become your champion." Gorwyn said urgently.

"To best serve the Master, I give him all my power and follow his orders." Zelda said slowly, blinking.

"This power will go to him, indirectly."

"I follow the Master's orders." She repeated, one eye twitching slightly.

Gorwyn took a deep breath and let it out, looking like he had a headache. "The power will be used for the Master."

"I follow the Master's orders." Twitch.

"The Master ordered you to make me your Champion." Gorwyn tried.

"What is required for you to be my Champion?" She asked, the twitch vanishing.

"I must spill your maidenblood." He relaxed, smiling. "Now, to your bedchamber, Princess."

Zelda stood with halting, jerky movements. Her normal grace vanished as she fought an internal battle.

"More speed, Princess." An impatient Gorwyn grabbed her wrist to pull her along.

"no." She whispered, face a blank mask as her heels started to dig in.

"Move! I order it." He said harshly.

"No!" She yelled, the haze vanishing a moment . . .only to return. "I follow the orders of the Master."

Gorwyn swore in elven . . . she got reset. "To best serve the Master, I need . . ."

"You need nothing. Step away from the girl. Now." TBM's voice was so cold as to seem to drop the room into the Arctic Circle.

"I will tolerate no interference!" Gorwyn's face contorted with fury as he launched himself at TBM . . . who had already moved before Gorwyn did. He hit right on a cluster of nerves as the Sidhe warrior started to draw his sword.

"People like you make me sick." TBM activated the tazer part of his modified tonfa to drop Gorwyn to the ground, holding it on him long enough to make sure he would stay out for a while.

"I follow the orders of the Master." Zelda informed TBM.

"The Master ordered you to take this tablet." He snagged something from his utility belt hand held it out.

"I will take this tablet, as ordered." After about a minute, Zelda was snoozing in TBM's arms.

With a grunt of effort, he put her in a fireman's carry to get back out the building.


Things weren't going nearly so well for the rest of the heroes. It took everything the three had just to avoid the deadly spells the mage threw at them with abandon. If the foyer hadn't been built for hard endurance, the building would long be ablaze.

"How the hell can he still be going like this?" UR yelled, ducking another fireball. He tried another sleep grenade but it just fizzled against Saurandin's shield. "Even a Wiz 5 should be running out of steam!"

"Look out!" BA jumped in front of Zapgrrl and took a blast of ice spikes to the chest. His armor was looking thin, and he was almost down to baseline speed.

"You can't keep taking hits like that!" She gasped, shooting him with her laser.

"You can't take one hit like that." BA grunted, perking up slightly.

"Now do you see the futility of your actions?" Saurandin made a reaching gesture and the stone floor cracked and splintered to let fast growing vines wrap around the heroes. "Why don't you stand there so I can properly give you your painful death?"

UR and BA used their swords to quickly hack their way free and ran to rescue ZG . . . which was what Saurandin was waiting for, as he threw a bolt of lightning to hit them all. UR screamed and fell, and BA fell to his knees, armor smoking and cracking. Zapgrrl, however, had seen the lightning bolt form and it ground itself through the lines of her suit, moving around a devisor made faraday cage. She worked feverishly to pull the creeping vines loose, but her battery was drained by the one shot cage, and her power assist kaput.

"Guys, I think we're in real trouble here." She shot the base of the vines with her laser to hopefully sever it . . . but the beam winked out halfway through.

"Should I have you three minced? Crushed? Or simply melted away . . ." The evil mage was enjoying the anticipation of the moment when a car horn blared from the still open front doors.

"Bug out." UR croaked, forcing himself to his feet and palming something from his utility belt.

"Finally." BA swiped the vines with a manifested sword that lasted just long enough and grabbed Zapgrrl.

UR brought himself to his full height and gave the Sidhe the finger. "We ain't done, asshole. Ninja Vanish!" He threw down the smoke bomb to fill the room with the dense, smelly stuff.

Tires squealed as Saurandin dispersed the smoke with a gesture, finding the heroes gone. "Foolish humans. All the preparations are complete. Tomorrow night the stars will be in proper alignment and then NOTHING can stop me!"

"Father. There is a problem." Gorwyn staggered into the room, clutching his side.


"Are you certain he will not find us here?" TBM asked, concern on his face as he looked around the small room, and at the beaten heroes.

"Not certain, no." UR shook his head tiredly, collapsed into the bed. "But right now I hurt too much to go further. After a couple hours we can move on."

"Plus we gotta try and wake Zelda up from whatever that asshole did to her." BA had finally lost his armor on the ride back and has resorted to a mask formed of wound bandages. Physically he looked okay, but her was clearly just as exhauseted as UR.

"I got drinks and stuff for everybody." Zapgrrl walked into the room, a tray in hand. She was the best off of the group, aside from some damage to her power suit.

"Thank you." TBM said politely as he took some water. "You are quite prepared, having so many sets of handcuffs available.

"Thanks!" She smiled from under her helmet . . . forgetting he couldn't see it.

"Putting aside the handcuffs, for now, can we wake her up now?" UR sat up to look at where Zelda had hands and ankles cuffed to a sturdy chair, and duct tape strapping down her torso and thighs.

"Yes. Be ready of she acts against us." TBM broke some smelling salts under her nose and stood back.

The sleeping Zelda stirred a little, tried to lift an arm, and opened her hazed eyes. "What is going on?" She frowned at the heroes and jerked her hands. "What is the meaning of this? Release me at once!"

"Hello Zelda. Do you recognize me?" UR asked carefully.

"You are some human that has been too casual with my person in the past. Now release me!" She spat.

"Who I am is Alan, your friend. An evil wizard Saurandin is messing with your head, making you think in bad ways. You need to fight it!"

"The great mage Saurandin opened my eyes to my true self! I owe him . . . everything." Zelda said imperiously.

"C'mon Zelda. You remember me, don't you? We still gotta resolve our Tetris matches. It's 136-132. Don't you wanna try and get ahead of me?" BA asked hopefully.

"Tetris. A simple, foolish game, for simple foolish people." She scorned, looking at him like something scraped off a shoe.

"Hey, wanna go dancing, ZD?" Zapgrrl asked. "How about you 'n me shake it on the dance floor."

"As if I would get caught dead with you. I have standards, and you just don't measure up." She said with a derisive sniff.

"What!?" ZG squawked. "Without me you wouldn't have a . . ."

"Not helping." UR said firmly, shutting her up. He leaned forward to look Zelda in the eyes, fighting the glamor that got stronger with close proximity. "Zelda, you remember your parents, right?"

"I do, the hateful human beasts." She glared at him.

"Yeah, they were pretty awful." He agreed. "They treated you like nothing but a doll they could show off. They tried to force you into a life of nothing but what they wanted. Bit by bit you lost all the happiness, all the joy in your life. They even burned all your art in front of you." UR held up some sketches of Mario and Princess Peach. "This is the earliest drawing you did that exists, because you gave it to me."

"Hmph. What a waste of . . ."

"You walked out of them because they were killing your soul!" He said intently, gripping her shoulders. "Saurandin is doing the same thing! Fight this! You are stronger than this!"


Zelda opened her eyes and looked around. The multicolored sea ripple in agitation, rocking the raft up and down. She moved a hand to brush hair out of her eyes and gasped at the manacle and clinking chain.

~What the hell is going on?~ She exclaimed, looking up at the sky in fear.

The wall keeping the rain from falling was breaking under the weight. She could see a couple spots where a thin trickle leaked down, and they were growing.

"Sleep." An emotionless voice said, an immediately Zelda yawned, feeling lethargic.

~Wh . . . wha . . .~ She blinked at the porcelain figure with puppet strings that stood before her. ~Dun . . . Alan . . . needs . . . me . . .~

"Sleep." The voice said more firmly, and Zelda drifted off again

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"Al lan?" Zelda blinked at him, the haze disappearing.

"Yes, it's me. Are you back with us?" He asked hopefully?

The haze returned and she scowled. "Get out of my face, you damn dirty human! Help! I'm being kept against my will!"

He slumped, looking defeated. "So close."

"Don't give up! You almost had her." TBM urged.

"That was my trump card." UR shook his head. "I just . . .I don't know anymore."

"Knock it off, ZD!" Zapgrrl yelled over the Sidhe Princess's loud yells for help.

The door to the room opened suddenly and the group turned to see Mrs. Drey with a scowl on her face. "What is all the racket about?" She demanded.

"Um, uh . . ." UR coughed uncomfortably.

"And why is poor Zelda all tied up?" Her attitude made even TBM take a step back.

"We're LARPing, Mom." Zapgrrl supplied.

"Are you now." She folded her arms. "In costume?"

"Yes!" She nodded emphatically.

"Untie me! These foul humans will not let me free!" Zelda yelled.

"What Zapgrrl means, is that we are enacting a simulation where the young lady has been mentally controlled, and we must break her free." TBM said smoothly, stepping into the excuse.

"And why aren't you doing this in your clubhouse?" She started tapping her foot.

"It got shut down, Mom." UR said sullenly. "And it was our Headquarters, not a clubhouse."

"How can you believe their feeble excuses?" Zelda cried out. "Let me out, you stupid human bitch!"

Mrs. Drey gasped and stormed over. "Play acting or not, in this house we do not use such language!" She said firmly, taking some soap and forcing it into the bespelled princess's mouth.


On the raft, Zelda sat bolt upright with an extremely foul taste in her mouth. ~Euagh!~

"Sleep." The puppet commanded.

She felt the wave of fatigue hit, but fought it off. ~No!~ She yelled, forcing herself to her feet, pulling on the chains.

"Sleep!" With a pantomime of walking, the puppet moved with jerks and twitches closer to the chained girl.

~I said NO!~ Zelda screamed and pulled the chains with all her might, putting cracks in the links.

"Sleep. Rest. Nothing need concern you." The puppet's eyes started to glow a creepy yellow color.

~NEVER!~ She screamed again and the chains shattered, leaving manacles on her wrists and ankles.

"You will never win. Just give up." Hands crooked into claws started reaching for her throat.

~Fuck no!~ An enraged Sidhe Princess made a fist, just like Alan had taught her, and punched the puppet's face as hard as she could, shattering it into a dozen pieces. To her horror, however, the puppet strings pulsed, and the pieces just fitted themselves back together.

"You will never win. Resistance is futile."

~Quoting the Borg is lame!~ Zelda punched again and again, dealing lots of damage, but everything healed itself after only a moment. She walked backwards to keep out of its hands, stopping when she reached the edge of the raft. ~not good~

"You will never win. Resistance is futile." Sensing victory, the puppet lunged for her.

Zelda dove forward through the puppet's legs and leapt to her feet behind it. ~Why don't you take a swim!~ She yelled at it, shoving it off the raft.

The puppet hovered over the 'water', and started to drift back . . . when the sea rose up underneath it and dragged it under with a 'glup'. After a minute it was ejected in fragments that disintegrated into nothing.

~Take that!~ Zelda said fiercely.


Saurandin yelled in pain as the puppet spell broke, shattering his obsidian scrying mirror he had been using to track the spell lines.


"Euagh!" Zelda spat out the soap as the haze cleared away. "What did you do that for, Mrs. D?"

"I had thought you learned better back when you first came here, that swearing is not allowed in this house. Especially not a young lady like you." She scolded.

"What swearing? And why am I tied up?" Zelda looked around. "And how come you guys are all in costume?"

"Zelda? Are you back with us?" UR asked hopefully.

"Back where?"

"What is the last thing you remember?" TBM asked, watching her carefully.

"The last thing . . ." She frowned, thinking. "I was in the apartment painting . . . Mrs. Nedermyer knocked on the door . . .and . . . and . . ." She shook her head.

"Alan Mortimer Drey. What is going on here?" His mother turned on him, frowning.


After a lengthy explanation, the group relocated to a cheap motel next to a park. The girls in one room, guys in another.

"Are you sure about this?" BA asked TBM.

"No. But after we broke her free of the mental enslavement spell, we have been constantly on the move. We require rest, or when they do catch up they will walk over us with no effort." He sighed. "We shall sleep in shifts."

"Still no luck getting magic help." UR swore, slamming the phone shut. "And according to the folks at Whateley all the good guys are tied up stopping all the /bad/ guys from completing rituals tomorrow night."

"What's tomorrow night?" BA asked. "Halloween isn't for two days."

"Hell Night." TBM frowned. "Mostly stepped on for the average criminal, but it is a night of mystic significance, not as well known as Halloween itself."

"I thought the citizen's patrol stopped most of the arson." UR frowned.

"The fires were set as a distraction to let cultists do their work." TBM shook his head. "The details are not important right now. Suffice it to say, if we can keep her free for at least 36 hours, he will not be able to try this ritual for another year."

"I'll take first watch." UR stood up and stretched. "You two get some sleep."

"Wake me in 3 hours." TBM instructed.


"Don't worry your head, ZD." Stacy hugged her. "We'll keep you nice and safe. You have all of us here between you and anything that evil elf's got."

"I'm scared. He's not going to give up!" Zelda pushed out of the hug and paced around.

"So what? That guy's stuck in the past. We got the firepower and guns!"

Zelda gave her a 'look'. "Fat lot of good that did us before."

"We didn't know what he could do. Now we know and are ready for him." Stacy spun one of her guns around a finger. "He'll have to go thorugh us if he wants to touch a hair on your head."

"That's what I'm scared of!"

"Just get some sleep. I'm right here to keep you safe." Stacy pushed her onto the (cotton) sheets of the bed.

"Who's going to keep you safe?" Zelda whispered, biting her nails.


Zelda started awake from a nightmare of Alan, Scott and Stacy all tortured to death by Saurandin. She would have screamed if fear hadn't closed her throat. She looked over to see Stacy snoozing in her chair, gun held limply in one hand.

"I can't let them die. Not . . . not when they don't stand a chance against him." Zelda solidified her resolve. "I'm the only one who can do it. Only me."

Moving as silently as she could to keep Stacy from waking up, she put on the dress that had appeared when she first gotten her curves, grabbed the magic sword, and slipped out the door. Once in the parking lot she frowned at the car . . . Alan had the keys.

"Can't take the car . . . but I gotta get to Saurandin. But what can I do? All I have is a sword, a dress, and . . ." She brightened. "My powers! Okay . . . I got one thing down. Think of what shape I want, and put the magic into it. So . . . a proper steed, and an army! He won't know what hit him!"

Zelda almost skipped as she went to the part to get to work. She took a deep breath and drew in all the Essence she could before forming the images she wanted. It was only a moment before her steed appeared, and she led it to the side of the park before starting on her army. This took much longer, with the sheer amounts and kinds she created.

Once finished, she reviewed her handiwork. Her infantry was made of red or blue three foot ugly humanoids with spears. Artillery was little robots with thrown bombs. Air support made up of flying green heads with snake hair. And four foot gorillas with ties formed shock troops. Added here and there were other sprites to spice up the mix.

She mounted her steed (a green creature that looked like a cuddly velociraptor) and drew her sword. "We go, to end the reign of an evil monster! Let's make him game over!"
Amid the shouts, grunts and yells of her army as they took off, one last sprite trailed along behind. A tiny fairy with a soft glow, she was overjoyed to see her queen once more.

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Alan found himself standing on a plain of sand . . . nothing but sand as far as he could see. "Weird." He looked down and found himself dressed in a simple shirt and shorts.

"By all the Great Spirits, you are a pathetic sight." A voice groaned from behind him.

Alan whirled to see a charred head in the sand, the one eyeball . . . eyeing him.

"What are you?" He asked cautiously, taking a step back.

"Really pathetic." A skeletal hand burst from the sand to dig the creature free. "A weaker, sissy pansy wishy washy piece of shit I have never seen before. I feel disgusted to even look at you."

"You won't exactly win any modeling contracts yourself. Is there a point to this, or do you just want to insult me? Where is this, anyway? Doesn't feel like a dream." Alan looked a little sick as the thing stood up in all its rotten glory.

Standing over six feet, what flesh hadn't been ripped from its bones was decaying and burnt. The intact eye was a fierce blue, and the few strands of hair on its head were blond/white. The only clothing was a patchy leather loincloth and a sword belt that held a very well maintained blade.

The creature spat at Alan in disgust. "She trusted you. You! To keep her safe from that asshole. He even fucking showed his hand and did you do something about it? No! You just let him do anything he wants with her. Well, I've had enough. I'm taking over."

"I don't know what the hell you're going on about, but you aren't going to take over or whatever." Alan glared at the . . . thing . . . facing him.

"Who is going to stop me? You?" It advanced, putting its hands into fists. "She was mine first!"

"Yeah. Me." Alan got into stance and slipped into Paragon state . . . getting a solid blow to the stomach when his powers failed.

"The fuck was that? Oh, if you aren't going to take me serious, cub, I will rip you to shreds." With a snarl the creature advanced.

Alan gasped for breath as he blocked and countered to allow himself to retreat. "Fuck you, asshole."

"A baby girl hits harder than you! Be a man and hit me!"

He snarled back and powered through the thing's defense to land a quick flurry of solid blows to knock it back. "How do you like that?"

"Better." It admitted, leering. Not purposefully, the flesh of its face was twisted into a permanent expression. "But not good enough, cub!"

They went back at it for a while, Alan needing to use every trick he had learned to keep from getting overwhelmed. Even so, he had the feeling that whatever this thing was, it was toying with him. They broke apart again and Alan stared at the monster in frustration before narrowing his eyes in realization.

"You fight like Gorwyn." He accused.

The thing snarled and delivered a solid blow to Alan's kidney. "Never mention that fucker to me again. He is the one that fights like me."

Alan got back to his feet, hissing breath back in. "If you hate the asshole so much, what the hell are you on me for? I hate the bastard too!"

"Are your ears made of wood? The girl you fucking runt! She was mine first! Until that spell sucking pointy eared fucker got me thrown out!" The creature screamed, not giving Alan a chance to recover. "I've spent a very, very long time waiting for a chance at him! Well, fuck waiting for him to die. You're giving me a chance at a body. I'm taking it."

"No. I love Zelda, and even if I can't get her, I'm not handing her over to some rotten corpse!" Alan may not have his Paragon power right now . . . but his Paragon boosted training put him at the top of Olympic contestants when he went all out. With the information he got, it was time to stop holding back.

The sudden jump in fighting skill by Alan took the thing by surprise. It began to retreat as the hero delivered blow after blow to rattle it and keep it from putting up a defense. The thing was good, very good, but . . . it only knew a couple styles of fighting and had trouble adjusting as Alan shuffled through his as needed.

"You been holding out on me?" It narrowed its eye and tried to break through the randomly shifting pattern . . . failing.

"Needed information." Alan grunted, delivering a snap kick.

"Good." The leer twisted into a grin. "Maybe you aren't so big a pansy as I thought."

"Oh yeah?" He snagged the skeletal arm and threw the creature to the ground, snagging the sword as it went. "How about now?"

"Still a piece of shit, but maybe you'll do." It didn't seem bothered by the sword held to its throat.

"Who are you, anyway?"

"I am Ogreslayer, troll killer, bane of goblins and Wyrmdeath." It said proudly. "Killer of the Dragon of the Mountains of Howling Winds!"

"Really." Alan raised an eyebrow at the creature's charred state.

"As it turned out, there were two dragons." It shrugged. "You get a pass for now. Wake up, your Princess is in his hands again. Send the prick to me, because the Wulf is HUNGRY!"


Alan sat bolt upright, drenched in sweat. "That was unreal." He shuddered.

"Bad dream?" Scott yawned.

"Maybe." Alan shook his head. "I gotta check on Zelda."

"Let her sleep. She's had a rough day."

"Something's up. I feel it." He swung his legs out of bed and froze. "Where did this come from?" He pulled up a masterwork sword of a peculiar metal. It was so sharp it almost seemed to glow, and despite obvious use it looked unmarred along the blade. An odd crest adorned the hilt guard.

"Holy shit. You been holding out on me?" Scott gave a low whistle.

"I've never seen this before in . . ." He looked up at a knock on the door. "Who's there?"

"Guys, ZD's vanished." Stacy's scared voice said through the door.

"Fuck." Alan and Scott swore.


"Saurandin, you will pay for your crimes against me!" Zelda yelled from atop her mount, army behind her.

The elder Sidhe Mage gave her a smile and snarled a guttural phrase. "Foolish girl. Did you think there was just the one part to the spell? Did you truly think that even with all the power a Royal possesses you could match me, with millennia of training and study?"

Zelda locked into position, unable to reply . . . but fully aware of everything. She stared in horror at him . . . not believing she had trusted him for even a moment.

"No time for a proper gloat." Saurandin sighed. "I must prepare for tomorrow night, that I may take over the world. Come with me, and order your hobgoblins to prevent interference."

She complied, tears leaking as she tried to fight the compulsion.


"She's on foot, she can't have gone far!" Urban Ranger snagged his keys and rushed to the door.

"Unless she had someone stop to give her a ride." TBM interrupted him. "With that aura of hers, she could get anyone to do so."

"Nah, she wouldn't do that." BA shook his head.

"Less talking, more doing!" UR snapped, bulling over to the door and yanking it open . . . to get a tiny glowing sprite in the face.

"Hey!" A tiny female voice yelled.

"What. The. Hell." UR said flatly.

"Isn't that one of ZD's thingies? I remember you, cutie." ZG gushed over the sprite.

"Hey, listen!" The fairy dodged a swipe from UR.

"Navi got annoying fast." He growled.

"Knock it off, asshole!" The fairy zipped in to his face, grabbed his rose, and held a boxcutter blade to an eye. "Do you want to help save the Queen, or do you want to join your buddy in needing a blindfold?"

"Woah, calm down, miss fairy." BA said cautiously. "No need to be hasty."

"It would be appreciated if you could lead us to the Queen." TBM added.

"Yeah, please?" UR didn't dare blink, the blade was so close.

"I like her, can we keep her?" ZG giggled.

"Not funny, ZG." His eyes started to water.

"So long as we understand each other." The fairy hung the cutter back on her belt and scowled. She looked like Biker Barbie with dragonfly wings and a glow . . . if you used a magnifying glass you could make out some self done tattoos . . . most prominent being a Tinkerbelle silhouette inside a 'no' symbol on her shoulder. "Name's Novi."

"So, where's Zelda?" BA prompted.

"The Queen made up an army and headed to a huge building that had Essence all over the place." Novi scowled. "Some old High Sidhe shut her down with a word. He made her turn over the army to him, I booked it back here before I got turned too."

"Okay, got an address? Description? Anything?" UR asked.

"Big place, made of brick, there's a ton of trees around." She pointed. "Half an hour trip that way."


After much more than a half hour of zigzagging through the streets to get to their destination, UR parked the car a strategic distance from the building . . . the place where months ago Zane had been tested . . . and where they met Saurandin.

"Figures." UR grumbled, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. "The place is a damn maze in there."

"Very troublesome." TBM nodded. "Furthermore . . . look there." He pointed to where a few flying heads patrolled the perimeter of the building.

"Looks like Zelda's sprites. We're here to rescue her, shouldn't they help us?" BA asked.

"Weren't you listening, you big ugly moron?" Novi snarled at him. "The end boss snagged her army for himself. They work for senor psychopath now, dipwad."

"No need to be a jerk about it." He said defensively.

"Stop that now." TBM stepped on it.

"What's the problem? We can blast them easy." ZG shrugged, dressed in her spare powersuit with expanded battery.

"And then they'll know exactly where we are." UR said bluntly. "I wanna rush in there . . . but the best thing is to avoid every one we can."

"Precisely. Especially since that is the only entrance to the facility." TBM pointed out. "And to proceed past the public areas we need to get the proper keys."

The three young heroes exchanged looks and sighed.

"Could this get any more cliché?" UR groused.

"This sucks." ZG whined.

"What now?" TBM sighed.

BA cleared his throat. "We are going into a maze, fighting through waves of minor monsters, with minibosses, collecting keys, to get to the final boss, to rescue a princess. Need I say more?"

"No, I think I get your point." TBM sighed. "Two more cycles and we should have the pattern."

"Let's get all our gear ready." UR suggested, popping the trunk.

"Oooh yeah!" ZG lovingly pulled out several pistol gun belts, rifle holsters, and the best of all . . . something that looked disturbingly like a rocket launcher.

"Now, I am only going to tell you this once, and once only." UR said warningly, strapping on two quivers, utility belt, and sword.

"I know, be careful and only as a last resort."

"That is not what I am going to say."

"Huh?" She blinked.

"If it has pointy ears and isn't Zelda, ash it. Shoot first, we don't need any answers." UR said grimly, walking away.

"You really do love me!" ZG squealed.


Saurandin looked up as his wards announced the arrival of four intruders. "Gorwyn, Alwyn!"

"Yes, father?" They chorused.

"We have unwelcome guests. Kill them." He ordered.

"Yes, father." They had identical smiles as they moved off into the maze.

"Nothing will stop me now. Not that I am so close!" The magus opened the cover on a box and a mysterious fog spilled out. A few chanted phrases sent it on after his children. He turned to Zelda. "Create some true monsters to fight them, Princess. Then get on the alter."

She tried to fight the order, but soon enough some truly monstrous giant sprites dispersed through the dungeon.

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"What the hell is this stuff?" Zapgrrl waved a hand through the cloying fog that drifted through the deserted hallways.

"No doubt one of their defenses." TBM knelt to check on a slumbering worker lying on the floor. "This one seems fine as well. Only a level one pass, unfortunately."

"Looks clear ahead." UR reported, returning to the team. "A small group of moblins, but they were easy enough to get rid of."

"So we continue." TBM sighed.

"Do you think we should split up to cover more ground?" BA asked, marking the wall to show they had been there."

"No." TBM and UR chorused.

"We do not know all what has been prepared. Best to stick together as a unit." TBM said firmly.

"What he said." UR echoed. "ZG, you done mapping us?"

"Best as I can, yeah."

"Let's move out." He nodded.

BA took point, following the path UR had scouted. Eventually the group found the pass key that took them through the large doors into the meadow clearing with the giant magic circle. The fog was even heavier here, blotting out the late afternoon sun. They cautiously advanced on the circle to find . . . nothing.

"Where are they?" UR lowered his sword, looking around warily.

"Not here, that is certain." TBM peered through the fog, frowning.

"You better not have taken us to the wrong place." BA grumbled at Novi.

"Shut your cakehole." The fairy snapped. "This is where I followed them to. She's here, I can feel it!"

"Is there a direction to the feeling?" TBM asked.

Novi flitted back and forth for a minute . . . eventually pointing down. "There?"

"Great, now we go to the basements. Nothing good is ever found in the basements." ZG groused.

"We're on a timer, people. AAAAAH!" UR turned just in time to get bodyslammed by a furred blitz. He went down from the tackle and worked to keep the slavering jaws off him.

"Head down!" BA ordered, rushing over.

UR instantly dropped his head, exposing his throat . . . but before the monster could take a bite, BA hit it full force with a giant sledge, exploding the head into sparkles.

"Holy shit. That looked like Bloodwolf on a bad day." ZG swore, clutching her guns.

"Hit like him too." UR winced, scowling at the torn cloth on his costume.

"Incoming!" TBM dodged a set of fireballs spit by some kind of demonbat.

"I think we're fucked, guys." ZG said quietly as other monsters stepped out of the fog.

The first was an 8 foot minotaur with an even larger ax . . . a huge stitched up green man crackling with electricity . . . and joining the demon bat was a bat with a wingspan that rivaled a small plane. More figures could be seen in the fog . . . watching.

"Castlevania." UR drew his bow and knocked an arrow. "I'm really starting to hate that game. ZG, help me watch the skies. TBM, BA, think you can take the ground forces?"

"Sure." BA faced off against the Monster.

"I have felled tougher." TBM charged his stun tonfa and headed off the minotaur.

"Let's get some XP." UR tracked the demonbat and let fly.


After an exhausting battle against a large chunk of midbosses, UR sat on a rock to catch his breath. "Man that was horrible, guys. Guys?" He looked around, seeing only fog.

He swore and dug out his com gear. "Black Armos, Zapgrrl, Blind Man. Come in. Repeat, come in."

Ksssssssh. Static.

UR swore again and pulled out his cell phone . . . nothing. "Bastards did something, I bet. THIS IS URBAN RANGER. ALIGN ON MY POSITION!"

The fog just swallowed up his words. He waited. And waited. Finally a small light appeared . . .

"Aww fuck. Not you." Novi made a face.

"Where is everyone else?"

"Dunno. You're the only one I could find. This place is fucking with my sense of direction something awful." She spat on the circle.

"Probably deliberate, that asshole. Well, even separated the mission goes on." He eyed the tiny fairy. "We should probably stick together."

"Why, you lonely?" She sneered.

"Okay, the attitude is getting counterproductive. I am sorry for trying to swat you. Happy now?" UR sighed.

"Not really, but whatever. C'mon, don't make me wait for your slow ass." Novi zipped off.

He gave her a dirty look and followed, grumbling.


Zapgrrl mapped the corridor she followed along, getting frustrated. The fog must be magical as it swallowed up any attempts to look through it . . . no matter what light spectrum she used. Even a few experimental laser blasts just vanished!

"What the fucking shit is up with this stuff? Not even sonar works." She swore. "Screw this searching for keys! I'm making my own." She leveled her big gun at the nearest door, an ominous hum sounding from the devise.

"Say hello to my universal key." She said gleefully, pulling the trigger to fire a ball of superhot plasma at the door. Which was unaffected, completely intact from the blast. The wall around it, however, turned to slag.

As the unsupported door fell over, ZG gave her plasma cannon a loving kiss. "Good baby, mommy loves you, yes she does!"

Maternal duty finished, she stepped through the opening and into what used to be the testing gym. Most of the equipment was pushed against the wall, but some was in service. Terrified humans ran on a treadmill, desperate to keep out of the broken glass behind it. At the weight bench it was hold the bar up, or get spiked. She shuddered at the elliptical machine.

"This is sick!" She rushed over to snag the bar right before the woman under it lost her eyes. "I've got you." She said reassuringly.

"No! I will be punished if I am helped." The woman whimpered.

"Worse than this?" ZG demanded, throwing the bar away.

The woman's eyes flickered to the elliptical machine. "Yes."

"Screw that!" She shot the treadmill to shut it down. "I'm gonna find whoever did this and rip them a new one!"

Unfortunately none of the victims would lift a finger to get free. The response was all a variation of 'it will be worse if we try to escape.'

"I will protect you! I'm a hero for Chist's sake!" ZG shouted at them.

"How dare you break my toys!" A female voice shrieked.

ZG turned to catch a knife in the stomach. It didn't penetrate the devisor made material, but the force of the throw knocked her off her feet, and out of wind. "Bitch." She gasped.

Alwyn turned to the freed humans with a scowl on her face. "Bad toys! You will need to be punished!" She threw another knife to knock ZG's drawn pistol out of her hand. "Once I put this one in her place."

"Fine!" ZG yelled. "Hand to hand it is!" She dodged another knife and used a power assist boost to rocket straight at Alwyn, fist extended.

Alwyn gave a derisive laugh and performed a complex inverted ax kick to knock ZG to the floor. She followed up with a hard kick to ZG's already bruised stomach, twisting the heel. "You pathetic stupid human. Did you really think you could best me in a real fight?"

ZG mumbled something, wrapped around her middle.

"Speak up!" Alwyn kicked her.

She just mumbled again, curling up more.

"Don't tell me you broke already." Alwyn complained, giving ZG's rear a kick. "Get up! I want to have lots more fun with you!"

ZG kept mumbling and indicated Alwyn should get closer.

"Do you think I am stupid?" Alwyn scorned. "Show me your hands!"

She opened her hands to show they were empty.

"Now, what is so terribly important that you must share it? Are you going to beg? Please say you are." The crazy Sidhe knelt down, out of range of a headbutt to listen to what ZG had to say.

"@!#%#@!$$%@#%#$T^!@$%@$%!!!!!" What emerged was a rampant stream of profanity at the maximum volume of her helmet's megaphone.

Alwyn screamed, clutching her highly sensitive ears, untoughened by the sounds of today's world, or headphones.

"Fucking cunt." ZG finished, snagging a tiny derringer style raygun from a hidden compartment in her belt, to shoot the Sidhe right between the eyes. It wasn't a very powerful gun, just barely enough to burn through the skill and cook the brain.

"You . . . you killed her." One of the human 'toys' stammered out, staring at the corpse.

"You complaining?" She demanded.

"No! No, thank you for saving us." He fell to his knees, sobbing. "Thank you so much."

She took in his appearance . . . and his ragged feet and shuddered. "Okay, anyone besides me know first aid? Let's get everyone patched up."

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TBM walked cautiously though the forest . . . somehow he had been unable to find his way back inside the facility. There was something peculiar about this place, as no matter what way he went, he ended up in the same place as when he started.

He scowled as he added one more tuck mark on a prominent tree and tried yet again to leave. He was lucky enough to spot a troop of Kongs before they spotted him, and hid to let them pass by, carrying their barrels.

He nearly swore as he once again found himself in the clearing but this time something was different . . . a purple haired man in a torn and singed lab coat.

"Who's there?" Dr. Serenevy leapt to his feet, ready for a fight. He relaxed when he saw who it was. "Blind Man? Is . . . is that you?"

"Hello Doctor." TBM nodded.

"Thank the stars I found someone else! It's just been crazy out there." Serenevy waved off to the right.

"What happened?" TBM leaned against a rock, arms crossed.

"I couldn't imagine it . . . Saurandin has helped us do so much here . . . for him to turn like that . . ." He shuddered.

"Really? I had met him a few times before. He always had a thinly veiled disgust of humans. Reminded me of WW2 era Nazis, actually."

"You are exaggerating, surely."

"Not really, no. Tell me, how do I get back to the facility?" TBM asked.

"Why do you want to go there? It's crawling with monsters, and at the end you have to deal with Saurandin! You can't win." Serenevy looked aghast.

"Part of the job, Doctor." TBM stood straight and brushed some dust away. "So . . . the directions, if you please."

"Even if by some miracle you defeat him, the Queen is locked inside the circle. You could never break her free." He pleaded.

"You seem to know quite a bit about it. How did you get away again?" TBM asked casually.

Serenevy stopped moving . . . not even breathing . . . and his skin split, purple hair revealing itself as the thing ripped away the last shreds of the skin mask away. The face was grotesque, a twisted mockery of ape and lizard . . . each limb had an extra joint and the 'hands' were mostly claw. Just looking at it hurt the eyes. "You cannot be allowed to interfere, human! With the Queen under our control, the Daughter of Burning Oak will fall! We have invested too much into the Sidhe Mage to fail now!"

TBM seemed unaffected by the twisted appearance of the demon. "I had thought there was something not right about you." He commented, palming something from a pocket.

The demon Serenevy gave a bone chilling snarl and leapt, claws extended. TBM threw the holy water into its face as he dodged to the side, not quite able to avoid getting a few cuts from the razor claws. The demon screamed in rage and pain, moving much faster than baseline to leap again.

What followed was a vicious fight for survival. No quarter asked, none given. Unfortunately, even TBM's high skill level didn't let him match the demon's pure power and speed. Each slash that got through his defense drained him more . . . he was certain this was the end when a burning barrel hit the demon square in the back, throwing off the final leap to let TBM scramble out of the way.

The pause let the hero get some small distance to watch the situation. A troop of grim faced Kongs readied barrels and let fly as the demon turned on them. He watched as both sides started ripping into the other, the demon decimating the troop, but the apes doing damage of their own through pure numbers. The old hero watched the fight, pulling a knife from a hidden pocket. When the demon had committed in an attack, he moved and plunged the glowing silver dagger into the demon's back.

It gave an unholy shriek and tried to grab the dagger, but TBM had calculated just right for placement. "Take it out!" The demon demanded. "I will destroy you if you do not!"

"You were going to destroy me anyway." TBM couldn't quite dodge the claw swipe to the face, getting a couple cuts and a shredded blindfold.

The Kongs swarmed over the weakened demon and shortly bits of purple fur and flesh flew out, littering the surrounding area. Soon all that was left was a twisted, monstrous skeleton. The lead Kong ripped the skull off the body to shatter against a rock. Triumphant at last, he reared up and yelled victory, pounding his chest.

"A most appreciated assistance." TBM stood firm, facing the lead Kong.

Kong grunted, peering at the hero. With the blindfold gone, all could see the small crystal spheres set in scarred eye sockets. The ape stood up straight, looked him in the 'eyes' and brought one hefty arm up into a salute. TBM returned it, and watched as the troop knuckled off into the misty forest.

"No sane being enjoys the existence of demons. Time to try again to leave, I suppose." TBM collected the dagger and walked out of the clearing again.


Black Armos walked cautiously through the corridors, trying to find the others. He wouldn't admit it out loud, but he really didn't like being separated from people too long. His stomach rumbled, reminding him that even if he didn't need to eat like most energizers, maintaining his manifestations like this burned a lot of calories. Plus he hadn't eaten for a while.

His nose led him to the kitchen, and after clearing it of moblins he scrounged enough eats to make a dagwood club sandwich. He reached to take a big bite and froze. He had a creepy feeling he wasn't alone, so he searched the kitchen thoroughly. He found only empty cupboards, but he still closed, locked, and barricaded the doors before polishing off his sandwich. Meal finished, he opened up the door to the cafeteria . . . and slammed it shut again on the small army of moblins packed wall to wall.

"Oh shit." Individually they couldn't even scratch him, but will all those numbers . . . he didn't want to find out.

*knock knock*

He paused in putting a fridge in front of the door. "Who's there?" He asked cautiously.

Mutter mutter. "Hungy?" A tinny growling voice asked.

"Hungry who?" BA responded automatically.

Mutter mutter "Hungy not moblin?" The spokesmoblin aksed.

"Okay . . . I don't want trouble from all of you, so I'm gonna leave the door unlocked. Count to 100 before you go in, okay?"

Mutter mutter. "How many are 100?"

"Count to ten, ten times." BA started edging to the back door.

"One . . . Two . . . Many . . ." The moblins started chorusing together.

BA didn't relax until he was three corridors away. "Okay . . . cafeteria is off limits. Still lost though."

He sighed and continued on his way . . . marking his path and descending deeper into the maze. He had a few encounters with human sized turtle lizards that either threw hammers or spit fire, but everything just bounced off his shiny black carapace. The last one (both throwing hammers and spitting fire) guarded a room with a beautiful blond woman with long tumbling hair.

"My hero!" She breathed, clutching him close, pressing her impressive chest against him. "I was so frightened!"

"Um, you're welcome." He said, a little uncomfortable.

"I am so grateful." She ran a finger along his black metal clad chest. "Is there any way I can thank you?"

"Yeah!" He brightened up. "Have you seen an elf girl, yeah tall? Brown hair, blue eyes?"

She pouted. "You weren't here to rescue me?"

"Not . . . intentionally." He apologized. "I mean, I was glad to save you, but I'm kinda looking for a different princess."

"Hmph! Now I don't know if I should help you!" She crossed her arms and turned her back.

"Please, miss? It's really important I save her." BA begged.

"So you're just going to leave me alone and defenseless?"

"You can be safe with me." BA sighed.

"Oh, really?" She smiled and hugged him. "Yay!"

"this is why i don't like women." He muttered.

"Did you say something?"

"Um, what's your name, anyway?" He carefully got her arms out from around him.

"Carmilla. So, what now?" She asked, smiling up at him.

"Caramel, okay." BA nodded. "Now I continue on to save my friends."

"Can't you take me to the surface?" Carmella whined.

"Sorry, kinda of a time constraint. Need to stop a big bad ritual."

"But I'm scared!" She clung to him, her tearful eyes begging . . . large chest heaving.

"Sorry, miss. But I have a job to do. And could you not cling to me like that? Please?" BA pushed her away.

"Hmph." She pouted again and crossed her arms. "Some hero you are."

"Sorry, but I can't have every girl I save cling to me like that. Plus it isn't safe down here."

"Hmph." She watched him reach a T and start to turn. "You're going the wrong way."

"How do you know?" He paused, looking back at her.

"Because that way goes outside. Follow me." She went down the other way, leaving BA to play catchup.

"You sure this is the right way?" BA asked as they made a few seemingly random turns.

"Just a little farther." Soon she opened a door and slipped inside.

"Hey! Where . . ." BA burst into the room and stopped at what he saw.

Sitting on an ornate chair was a pointy eared bishounen type, surrounded by half monster girls that looked hot. BA got a shock when one of them, a blond succubus, turned to reveal Carmilla.

The prettyboy spoke in a rich, arrogant voice. "So good of you to join us. I am the . . ."

"Holy shit." BA breathed, staring at the talking sprite.

The sprite scowled and started again. "As I was saying, Hero, no matter how badly you wish to kidnap our Queen, we are bound to stop you! And I, the Dark . . ."

"Dammit, not another Midboss." BA slumped a little, sword drooping.

"U - unforgivable!" The sprite yelled. "I am not some mere Midboss! I have a name, and it is . . ."

"Whatever." BA interrupted yet again. "You're gonna be sparkles soon anyway. Anyone flesh and bone, get out now." He readied his sword.

"Unforgivable!" The sprite repeated. "Attack!" He stood up and imperiously pointed at BA.

The first, a succubus that was a copy of Carmilla with bright red hair walked up to BA, readied a fist, and was split into sparkles.


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Urban Ranger sighed as he put his bow away, the giant one eyed insect monster disintegrating. "How many of these things did she make?"

"Is it dead?" Novi asked from her hiding place in his hood.

"Yes, the big scary sprite is gone now." He rolled his eyes.

"Hey! That thing could have swallowed me in one bite!"

"You're ten times faster than it was." He shook his head. "about as useful as navi too." He muttered.

"I'll cut you! Don't think I won't!" She shot at him.

"Yeah, yeah. We any closer?" UR swiped his pass at the door to go down another level.

"Closer, yeah." She grumbled.

"Looks like that fog mostly stayed up." UR commented, pressing on as he dispatched some bomb robots (easy if you attacked on a diagonal).

"Where did you get that sword?" A sharp angry voice demanded.

UR whirled into stance, sword at the ready. "Took it off a guy." He informed Gorwyn.

"To think it still exists, after all this time." Gorwyn had a wondering tone in his voice. He drew his own sword, a massive blade made of dark metal that seemed to drink in the light. "After I take it off your corpse, I will break it and have it melted down. Possibly into a chamber pot."

"Man, you've got some serious issues, don't you." UR immediately switched into a different stance.

"Once I deal with you, I will settle my score with the armored human that thinks he is a knight." Gorwyn sneered at UR. "And even if you weren't a human, you wouldn't be fit to lick the boot of a true Ranger."

"I think you're ticked that Black Armos beat you that badly. Wow, what a small minded jerk."

"I am going to enjoy cutting you to pieces." Gorwyn growled, stalking forward.

"What the hell are you doing!?" Novi shrieked in UR's ear.

"Trust me." He whispered back, giving a grin to Gorwyn. "You know, I think I'll let BA beat you down. Again."

"Do you think you can escape that easily?" Gorwyn snarled.

"Ninja Vanish!" UR threw down a smoke grenade and disappeared.

"You! You! ARGHHH!" Gorwyn screamed frustration and ran straight ahead down the corridor. "I will hunt you to the ends of the earth if I have to, human!"

"I can't believe that actually worked." Novi said, a little awed.

"70% success rate so far." UR shrugged from where he had stood behind Gorwyn. "Most of the time it never occurs to them that someone will pull that and simply stand behind them. Really hard without Paragon power though."


BA walked along the corridor cheerfully. There were marks on the wall that UR had been there! He looked forward to them being together once again, like they should be. Still, he added his own marks for ZG and TBM. Even better, the fog was getting lighter the deeper he went down, and even the sprite patrols had stopped. The last time he had seen any, actually, was that group of mid level sprites he had destroyed. Shame about the leader though.

He turned a corner and ran smack into a solid body . .. who bounced off. "Sorry about . . . you!"

"You." Gorwyn glared. "You will die for besmirching my honor, human."

"Pff, I'll spank you again like last time." BA chuckled, manifesting his sword.

"I will admit I was not prepared for your . . . magics." Gorwyn admitted. "But not anymore." He drew his black sword. "Now you die!"

BA automatically parried the blade with his own sword . . .and froze in shock when his sword melted into Gorwyn's weapon. The Sidhe warrior grinned and took advantage of BA's state to carve away part of the manifested helmet, revealing the hero's face.

"Much better. Now I can see the fear in your eyes."

"What the hell is that thing?" BA backpedaled fast, dropping the useless stub and manifesting a new weapon.

"The Sword of Hungering Darkness." Gorwyn chuckled. "It will only be sated by blood. Yours."

"ohshit." BA kept retreating, doing his best to keep that sword away from him. Every clash required him to manifest a new weapon, and it was quickly starting to wear on him.

"Not so arrogant now that your magics have failed you, human?" Gorwyn laughed. "How utterly pathetic."

BA didn't respond, concentrating everything into survival. He had faced dozens of powers at Whateley, done plenty of sims, but somehow he had missed out on a situation like this. Power nulls just turned him off, they didn't chip at his strength like this.

"You humans should never have been allowed to exist. The Queen should simply have erased you from the land." The Sidhe warrior chopped the current blade down to the hilt almost playfully. "And if she saw the world today, she would have done it herself! The great woods destroyed, the air poisoned, trash filling the seas, and everywhere you look, humans covering the land like a plague."

"Like it was all that better when elves were in charge." BA tried a dark blast, but it was just swallowed up by that sword.

"I am not an elf! I am a Noble of the Sidhe!" Gorwyn snapped, bringing his blade down to sever BA's sword hand. "You are nothing more than a human!"

"AIEEEE!!" BA screamed, clutching the stump and stumbling back. "You . . . you . . ." His face went pale.

"What, no more attempts to be clever, you bald ape?" Gorwyn almost negligently swept aside on last dark blast and thrust his sword through BA's gut.

"Hurk!" BA's face went completely white.

"And now there's just one last animal to be put down. I wonder how many bits I can cut out of that so called Ranger." Gorwyn twisted the sword a little, grinning. "Or perhaps I will turn him over to my sister. She can spend months with a toy."

"Gkkk . . . y'u f'rg't something." BA gasped, blood foaming on his lips.

"What would that be?"

"You're in arms reach." The impaled hero manifested a new gauntlet over his stump and clapped his hands together on Gorwyn's skull. "And you will never hurt Alan."

He concentrated and pulled out the sword from his guts, letting out a scream. After an eternity to collect himself, he forced all his armor back up, concentrating on sealing his leaks.

"Asshole." BA stabbed Gorwyn a few times for good measure and went to find his partner, a small trail of blood on his path.


"What've we got?" UR asked Novi when she returned from scouting.

"Big empty room, huge magic circle around a big alter with the Queen on it. Bad guy gloating about it." Novi scowled.

"Shit. And we're alone still." UR swore.

"We gotta save the Queen!" The tiny sprite insisted.

"I know!" He sighed and started pacing. "Thing is, the asshole spanked me, BA and Zapgrrl together without breaking a sweat."

"What, you scared?" Novi demanded.

"Yes. Magic . . . its always been out weak point." UR admitted. "Always so damn tricky, you think you have them figured out, and they pull some spell out their ass that takes you down."

"We don't have time!" Novi yelled. "We gotta get her out of that thing now!"

UR took a deep breath and let it out. "Okay. But . . . if I bite it, you tell the next one all what you saw. Maybe it will help."

"What are you waiting for?" Novi demanded as UR settled into a lotus position.

"Waiting for my Paragon power to recharge. I'm not going in there without everything I've got."

"How long will that take?" She demanded.

"Not long."


Saurandin rubbed his hands together eagerly, as the seconds ticked down. "Soon . . . soon the sun will set and you will finally be mine. All mine!" He spread his arms wide and gave a mad laugh. "Once you are under my control, I will be INVINCIBLE!"

Urban Ranger loosed an arrow that shot right through the Sidhe's ribs and into the left side of his heart. "I can't believe you actually said that. Everyone knows that's just asking fate to give you a wedgie."

"You . . ." Saurandin turned and glared at UR. "You fool! I have my heart hidden safely away. No mere arrow can kill me!"

"Shit." UR grabbed another arrow and loosed it, but his aim was off as he dodged a fireball, only grazing Saurandin's cheek.

The effect, however, was instant and effective, as the next spell simply fizzled. Saurandin screamed and clutched his face, smoke wisping up from the wound.

"How dare you! Cold iron . . . you will pay for this with a thousand deaths!"

"Yeah, like you weren't planning on killing me anyway." UR muttered, grabbing another arrow.

"Prepare to suffer my most terrible spell! Tremble in fear at my greatest weapon!" Saurandin brushed away the next iron arrow with a shield spell, and started chanting and gesturing.

UR rushed the casting Magus, but nothing he had could penetrate the shield. Not arrows, not bombs, nor gas grenades worked. Not even his new sword did more than raise sparks. In desperation he tried to get to Zelda, but all his did was bounce off a shield incorporated into the containment circle. As he picked himself up off the floor, he became aware that the chanting had stopped and a large shadow was looming over him. He turned and looked up . .. and up . . . jaw dropping at what he saw.

Filling the chamber was a giant four eyed serpent, head large enough to swallow a horse in a single gulp. Ichor dripped from the massive fangs to smoke and eat into the stone floor. A heavy hood flared as the snake gave a hissing chuckle.

"No words, human? Struck dumb on seeing your doom?" Snakeandin laughed.

"Dude, how cliché can you get?" UR instantly shot another cold iron arrow at the snake, aiming for an eye.

Snakeandin moved with inhuman speed to protect the eye, and the arrow skittered off the armored scales, not even leaving a scorch mark.

"Foolish human! I am immune to death metal in this form! No weapon of yours can harm me!"

UR swore and drew his sword, slashing at the serpent's massive body. To his satisfaction, the blade bit into the armored hide . . . but it wasn't much more than a papercut, relatively speaking. "Shit!" He swore again, backing away.

"That blade!" Snakeandin whipped UR across the room with a swat of a tail, the sword flying out of UR's hands. "Where did you find this?" He demanded.

"Wulf sends his regards." UR gasped, face pale. Even through his adamantium armor, he thought he felt his ribs crack.

"Wulf!?" Snakeandin screamed. "That human was nothing! He was dust a thousand years before the Sundering!"

"Looks like that hasn't stopped him yet. He says he wants to have a few words with you." UR forced himself to his feet, clutching his bow.


UR caught sight of the soft pink inside of the giant serpent's mouth, and a small hope formed. He had just one shot, but he could still win this. "Yeah. He's still pissed about you getting him kicked out."

"You! How do you know these things!?!" Snakeandin shot towards UR, fanged mouth open as he screamed at the hero.

UR quickly shot a red fletched arrow into the serpent's mouth before dodging to the side. "Ask him yourself!"

Snakeandin hissed, flinching back from the sting. "Was that all? Die!"

"Boom." UR whispered, pushing the button that triggered the explosive arrow he had fired into Snakeandin's head, filling the brain with shrapnel.

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Zelda pounded on the manacles on her wrists again . . . and again . . . stopping only when they finally started to crack and shatter.

~Free!~ She laughed. ~Now to . . . uh oh.~

She looked up to see the barrier above her crumble away to nothing, dropping the whole deluge at once.

~ohfuck~ She whispered just as it hit.


A regal Sidhe with red hair and violet eyes gave her a warm smile as she approached. "Dear Sister, this is a wonderful entertainment you have shared."

"Thank you, dear Aunghadhail." She smiled back, just as warmly. Feelings of familial love suffused her heart as they embraced.

"So, what new musics have you commissioned for us today, dear -


"Begone to the Shadow Realm!" She spat at Saurandin, rage in her whole being. "Never return here!"

"You have not seen the last of me. I will have my revenge!" Saurandin swore as the Royal Knights cast him and his children into the obsidian mirror.

The Knight Captain turned to her and saluted. "It is done, Queen -


"My Lord King Oberon, what brings you here?" She laughed playfully, reclining on the couch of her private chambers.

"I would tarry a time with you, My Queen -


A young page hurried up to her. "A message, Queen -


"My Queen -


"Queen -


"een -


"n -




Black Armos staggered into the final chamber to see UR hacking at the containment circle with his sword . . . getting a nasty shock each time.

"Hey man." He coughed, leaning on his sword for support. "What'd I miss?"

"BA! Thank god!" UR relaxed, smiling. "I took down the boss, now we just gotta rescue the Princess."

"Great. Almost done." BA coughed again.

"Hey, you okay?" UR frowned, looking concerned.

"Been better." BA waved it off. "What's the problem?"

"Some kind of force field. Watch." He tossed a bit of trash over the circle and it bounced off an energy wall with a few sparks, a fractal pattern appearing in yellow.

"Can you . . ."

"It goes all the way up." UR sighed. "I thought my new sword could break through but I got nothing."

"Hey, what's the giant dead snake thing?"

"That's Saurandin."

BA fell silent, the red glow in his eyes fading in and out. "He seriously . . ."


"Didn't he know that never helps?"

"Apparently not."

The two stared at the circle, the only thing between them and Zelda.

"Do you remember when I used my Energizer power to break down that magic shield back at school?" BA asked thoughtfully.

"Yeah, you were in Doyle for a month after that." UR said absently.

"But . . . I broke through."

"You're not . . . dammit Scott! This thing'll kill you!" He moved to stand between BA and the circle.

"Probably. Thing is . . . Alan . . . Gorwyn got me before I got him." wet coughing "Nobody'll get to me in time. I'm on my way out, man."

"This isn't funny Scott." UR snapped.

BA removed his helmet and gave a weak smile to UR. His face was as pale as a Borg. "We had a good thing going, Alan. But . . . I can't hide it anymore. I'm gay. And I love you." He grabbed UR's mask and pulled it down to give him a good kiss. "You and Zelda, you be good to each other, alright?"

Scott tossed UR over the snake body of Saurandin and put his helmet back on. He raised his sword above his head and brought it down sharply on the shield, jacking his energy drain all the way up. The air around him grew cold and dark as the sword started to bite into the shield, cutting its way down to the runes set into the stone floor.

"Scott! Nooo!" UR tried to pull his partner away but was blown back by the forces involved in the hero's last act.

A red mist started boiling out of the armor as Scott started to scream.


Zelda woke on a softly carpeted floor. Something felt . . . off, not correct. She sat up and blinked down at her body.

"Where did my boobs go?" She felt down her . . . no, his body. "What happened?"

"Awake at last, are we?" A very familiar voice asked, sounding amused.

Zelda whirled, stumbling and falling from the loss of her grace. She saw a Sidhe woman that looked like a fully mature version of herself lounging on a couch. "What did you do to me?" He demanded. "Who are you? Where are we?"

"I separated what is you, from what is me." The woman smiled. "You are what you were before you began to host my spirit."

"Change me back!" Zane demanded, getting to his feet with care.

"I did change you back." She pointed out.

"No! Turn me back into Zelda!"

"Why?" The Queen examined her perfectly manicured nails.

"This . . . this isn't me! Not who I am, not who I want to be." Zane yelled.

"What is the matter? Is it that you were such a weak, clumsy oaf with no confidence? I can solve that." She waved her hand and Zane shuddered as his body changed.

A mirror appeared and Zane gaped at what he saw. Instead of the scrawny weakling he had been, stood a handsome man with clearly defined muscles. It was still 'Zane' . . . but a little taller, his face cleaned up to be handsome, and more than that he carried himself with confidence.

"Holy shit." His jaw dropped, and the image did the same.

"Mmm, I do good work, if I do say so myself." She smiled, licking her lips. "Now, isn't this much better? No more of that confusion about body and soul. You already know how to be a man, how to act, what to do. And more, with this new body you could have respect, admiration, and any one you wish to share your bed."

"No." Zane shook his head, turning to the Queen. "I don't want this. I want . . . Zelda. Even with that I still want to be her. She has . . . joy, happiness, she is more alive than I ever was. I want that."

"A shame." The Queen shrugged, waving her hand again.

This time Zane felt the chiseled muscles soften and flow into the now more comfortable curves. "Finally." Zelda smiled, admiring herself in the mirror.

"Well now. Time to move on to business. As I am the one in charge of this body, I must be on now. I am sure you can find some way to amuse yourself in here."

"What? What are you talking about?" Zelda blinked, puzzled.

"You have not figured it out? You were told you were hosting a quite powerful spirit. Me. And now that I am complete, I see no need to be a mere observer. There are, after all, things I must have done."

"But . . . this is my body!" Zelda protested.

"It was your body, dear." The Queen started walking to a door that appeared in the wall.

"Oh no you don't!" Zelda rushed over to the door to go though first . . . but it wouldn't open.

"Usually you need one of these to pass through a door." The Queen held up a small golden key.

"You'll have to go through me first." Zelda put up her fists, ready to use her (4) lessons in self defense.

"Really, child. Must you be so stubborn? I must prepare, it is quite important." She 'tsked.

"Prepare for what?"

The Queen turned serious. "There are dark days approaching. The ancient enemy stirs from its grave and makes ready. We cannot allow it to return." She gave a sad look to Zelda. "At any cost."

"What enemy?"

"I believe a warrior of your age wrote of them. Lovecraft, I believe his name is."

"You're trying to tell me that Cth "

"DO NOT SAY THE NAME!" She snapped.

Zelda flinched back. "Okay, but what do you need to do, anyway?"

"Well, the first thing is the restoration of my kingdom. And the first part of that is to choose a champion. Luckily you already have a good candidate nearby." She licked her lips with a smile.

"Really? Who?"

"Your Scott. Quite powerful, and quite the looker, too. And he has all the right qualities."

"Yeah." Zelda nodded, remembering. "So what do you have to do? Just say 'you're my champion' or is there some ritual?"

"He simply has to spill your maiden's blood."

"My what?" Zelda blinked.

"He must be the first man you make love with." She explained patiently.

"He WHAT?"

"Weren't you almost throwing yourself at him?" The Queen raised an eyebrow.

"To date, not . . . go that far." Zelda blushed furiously. "Does it have to be that way?"

"Simply, yes. We Royal Queens bestow a large amount of power upon the man we first allow inside us." She rested one hand right below her bellybutton. "It is just how our bodies are made." The Queen raised an eyebrow again. "Did you really think it was coincidence that so many tried to force you in such a short time? At some level they can sense it."

"But . . ."Zelda wavered, looking uncertain.

"Oh, are you thinking of Alan? Don't worry. After we make Scott our champion we can give him a pity fuck." The vulgarity punctuated the sentence of slight distain.

"no." Zelda frowned stubbornly.

"No? Ah well. I did want to see what his power could do in bed." The Queen wasn't all that upset about it.

"I won't do that to Alan. He doesn't deserve that." Zelda said firmly.

"You do know he has feelings for you, don't you? You could at least let him, just once."

"I care about him too much to do that to him!" Zelda brought up her fists again.

"Oh really? So you care about him, do you?" She asked casually.

"Yes! I . . ." Zelda stopped, freezing. "I . . . love him. I love Alan. I love him!"

"finally." The Queen muttered. "Well then. What now?"

"I . . . I will make Alan my champion. And . . . are you sure about the . . . Lovecraft stuff?"

The Queen nodded. "Yes. Saurandin being freed is a sure sign of it."

"Then . . . I'm in. I'll help you stop them."

"So quick to face this. Are you not afraid?"

"I read some of his stories once." Zelda looked down. "I had nightmares for a month. But if that stuff is real . . . we gotta stop it."

"You pass." The Queen gave Zelda a warm hug. "For now, at least."

"Pass?" Zelda hugged back hesitantly. "This was a test?"

"Yes." She nodded. "I couldn't have taken over, but I needed to make certain of you before I let you run free with all my power."

"Thanks. I think. Um . . . who are you, anyway?"

The Queen pulled back and smiled regally. "I am the Ruler of the Western Kingdoms, Keeper of the Sacred Dances, the Summer Queen. I am Queen Titania."

Zelda blinked. "You mean, from Shakespeare?"

"Who?" Titania blinked.

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Black Armos finally worked his sword down to the rune covered floor and broke the circle. Instantly the shield crumbled away, removing the barrier between the heroes and Zelda. Work finished, the sword fell from his hands as BA slumped to the ground in a heap.

"Scott! C'mon man, talk to me!" UR tried to check on his friend but jerked his hands away from the burning hot armor. "Drop the armor, now!"

"Go." BA wheezed. "Save. Zelda."

"Don't you dare die on me. Or else." UR threatened before running to the alter Zelda was on.

Once there, he reached out his hands a moment before hesitating, checking for any traps he might see. He didn't see any . . . and couldn't do anything about magic traps anyway so he centered his resolve and grabbed hold of the Princess.

"C'mon, we stopped the bad guy, wake up!" He begged her, giving her a light shake.

Zelda just remained there, breathing evenly, so deep asleep she may as well have been in a coma. UR looked like he might cry as he put his arms under her and pulled her off the alter, carrying her outside the broken circle.

"Don't do this to us." He begged again. "Please! You're safe now, please wake up." He hugged her tight. "BA's hurt bad, you're the only hope he's got."

Still no response, but the air seemed to thicken from unseen forces focusing on the room.

"Please." UR's panicking mind grabbed on an idea and he kissed her firmly. "I love you."

With those three words, the air cleared and Zelda's eyes blinked open to look up at him. "Wow."

UR blushed and looked away, but he kept a firm hold on her. "I'm sorry, I just . . . I . . ."

"My hero." She reached up and pulled him down for another kiss.

"Wow." UR blinked, echoing Zelda's previous statement.

"Yeah." She snuggled into his arms.

"What am I doing?" He stood up quickly, setting her on her feet. "Zelda, Scott's hurt bad! Do you know any healing spells?"

"Me? I . . ." Zelda's expression and mannerisms changed like a thrown switch . . . and her glamour got a bit more insistent.

"Where is he? Nevermind, I see him now. Let go of me, so I may help." Titania demanded, pushing away from UR.

"Zelda? Are you okay?" He blinked at the drastic change in personality.

"She is fine, if startled by my taking control, Alan Drey." Titania focused her perceptions on BA, her face set in concentration.

"Who are you?" UR palmed some restraints from his utility belt, eyes narrowed.

"Oh dear, this is not good." The Queen ignored the question as she looked at BA.

"Why, what's wrong?" UR demanded.

"He has absorbed . . . all the Essence from the spell that was meant to enslave me. It is eating away at his body, and even without the mortal wounds he had received, he is dying." Titania shook her head.

"Can't you heal him?"

"If I were to cast a healing spell, it would be like pouring salt into his wounds." She sighed. "This armor is the only thing keeping his wounds from killing him, but at the same time the overcharge of energy is burning him alive."

"Can't you . . . drain the magic away or something?" UR pleaded.

"If I were to pull this Essence into myself, it would harm me greatly. Now hush, I am considering options."

"If I had known I would lose him, I wouldn't have had us enter that damn costume contest in the first place." UR sagged, defeated. "He's like the brother I never had."

"That's it!" Zelda piped up. "Let's do that!"

"Do what, child?" Titania frowned a moment before her expression cleared. "Ah! Yes, that may work. Time is short, but there is a chance."

"What? What's going to save him?" UR looked at her, worry warring with hope.

"There is no time. Take him up, to the forest circle. Now." Titania snapped the order.


"What's up with ZeeDee?" Zapgrrl whispered to UR.

"Dunno, but this is the best chance Scott has." UR fretted.

"Man, you're freaking out here. Don't tell me you're gay too."

"He's my best friend. Damn straight I'm freaking out." He snapped at her.

TBM said nothing, just watching as Titania danced around the circle, singing and shaping the energies for her spell. She made yet another circuit of the circle, intently monitoring Scott's condition. The weak red glow in his helmet's eyes tracked her movement while a harsh wheezing let her know he was still breathing. Sweat started to drip from her body as she finished the cycle, dropping to her knees to collect herself. He was as ready as he ever would be, now.

"What's she doing now?" Zapgrrl asked.

"Hush, child." TBM said firmly.

This time, as Titania danced, wisps of light started to gather above him . . . slowly they outlined a hazy humanoid shape. The dancing Queen entreated the figure down to the black armor. It appeared to consider the offer, and nodded to break apart into motes that filtered in through gaps in BA's armor.

"What's going on!?" ZG yelled, rushing the circle. "Stop what you're doing right now!"

Both UR and TBM grabbed her by the arms, lifting her off the ground.

"This is the only chance he's got! We have to trust her!" UR yelled.

"Patience, child. Things will turn out as they should." TBM said placatingly as he disarmed her, tossing the various guns far away.

Zapgrrl kept struggling until UR disconnected her power leads and sat on her. "No fair!" She whined.

"Just . . . shut up, okay? Let her work. And . . . pray for the best." UR thumped her helmet.

ZG descended to grumbling as the motes continued to accumulate and assimilate into BA. After a seeming eternity . . . which was only about half an hour . . . the motes finished and Titania broke the circle.

"I have done what I can. All that is left is up to Scott." She informed them before fading back.

Zelda twitched and shivered. "Woah, that feels freaky when she does that."

"Zelda? Is that you again?" UR asked cautiously.

"Uh huh." She nodded, looking at him shyly, blushing a little.

"Is he . . ."

ZG interrupted. "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?"

"With what?" Zelda said guiltily.

"What's with the attitude switching and crap?" She demanded.

"That's the Sidhe Queen that's bonded to me. She can talk and do stuff now." Zelda explained.

"What was she doing to Scott?"

"It . . . it's not . . ." Zelda frowned, thinking. "The Essence had to be changed . . . but it couldn't go to healing . . . so we . . . did something else. It's complicated."

"hey i can't move." A muffled voice said from inside BA's armor.

"Scott! Are you okay?" UR almost seemed to teleport to the armored figure.

"feel weird. and i can't feel the armor."

"But you're okay?" He sagged in relief.

"once you get me out of here. the armor won't pull back inside."

"Okay. Hold still and I'll crack you open. Like last time, starting with the helmet."

"hurry its starting to pinch in weird spots."

"Yeah, yeah." UR sorted through his gear and pulled out a mini sledge . . . that extended into a normal sized sledge.

With one good swing of the gadgeteer sledge, a small crack appeared in the helmet. After a couple more blows the black matter split down the center into two pieces. The sledge dropped from UR's fingers as he gaped at what he saw. A few gasps from behind him and even TBM looked shocked.

"What? Why'd you stop?" Scott's eyes widened as his voice sounded out strong, commanding . . . and feminine. "What happened to my voice?"

UR stared at the gorgeous face revealed, not as thin and delicate as most Sidhe were but still refined and beautiful. She still had the same blood red hair as before, but now spilled out in long waves. Her large eyes were a lovely shade of green and filled with shock as her long pointed ears twitched.

"Here we go again." Alan sighed, pulling off his mask.


Epilogue 1

Saurandin woke on the sand . . . sand that stretched as far as the eye could see under a black lightless sky. "So. Here, am I? Foolish humans, this is a minor setback! I will return, more powerful than before!" He declared to the sky and sand.

"By the gods, you never do shut up, do you." A voice drawled from behind him.

"You !" Saurandin whirled, throwing a lightning bolt . . . and stared down in shock at the fizzling sparks falling from his hands.

"Me." The shade of Wulf agreed. His features had recovered, and he looked just like he had that fateful day of his exile . . . and sporting a grin at the Mage's loss of power.

"What did you do to me?" Saurandin demanded.

"Not a damn thing." Wulf's grin widened. "Magic doesn't work the same here. Now . . ." He cracked his knuckles. "I've been waiting a very long time for this."


Epilogue 2

Zane Barclay (the second) shivered in the ruined building he stayed in. His mind was full of dark thoughts about his life, both now and . . . before. From the rigid control enforced by his parents that was killing his soul . . . to the 'freedom' he had now that was killing his body. And the 'foster care' that made him feel like he was reenacting Oliver Twist.

He burrowed deeper into the rag pile, and adjusted the bra he wore under his shirt to try and fit more comfortably. The bitter chill of winter blew in through the shattered windows, along with the falling snow. After a while his need for sleep overcame his growling stomach and he drifted off . . . tears making the amateurish makeup on his face run.


She stood before him, a being of terrible beauty and grace. She had raven black hair and midnight blue eyes with a dancer's body.

"I have heard your desire, burning through the dreamlands." She smiled fiercely, a mad light in her eyes. "I have need of a body, to walk the world again. Give me yours and you shall have what you want."

"You . . . you can make me . . . right?" He whispered.

"And more. So much more."

"Then yes! Take it!"

She laughed and he fell into her cold embrace.


Zane woke and immediately felt different. Where hated solid hard lines had been was now the soft curves of a girl blossoming into a woman.

"Thank you thank you!" She cried tears of joy. "Who are you?"

"I am the Ruler of the Eastern Kingdoms. The Winter Queen, Mab. The Nightmare Queen of Air and Darkness. I will take back my lands. And rule again!" She cackled madly inside Zane's mind.

The End

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