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New This Week

July 20, 2014

Here's the first part of Elrod's Kayda story, in canon mode:

Buffalo Gal Won't You Come Out Tonight

by ElrodW

Life was normal for Brandon Franks, an average farm boy from a small town in South Dakota loving family, good athlete, good student, and fabulous girlfriend. That is, it was normal until he began to rapidly change into something he couldn't have predicted, didn't want, and would never have asked for. Suddenly, Brandon's world has been turned upside down, and his life is very different and very dangerous.

Chapter 1

July 17, 2014

As is probably obvious, I've had a bit of a project going for the past couple weeks to adapt how the Stories page works for the future of the site. The current system works, but it can be a challenge to find anything specific that you might be looking for.

Given that most people tend to draw on the Fan created recommended reading orders anyway... I decided to use the work done on the Fan Wiki as the foundation for the new site organization. Now, when you go to the Stories page; you will find two available sorted tables for reading through the existing canon material: the default table lists the stories by their release dates, the alternate method lists the stories by the current Fan Wiki recommended reading order (which is based on the order that those stories appear in the time line).

Note that, at this time, there is a graphic icon that you can click and get a pop up. It's a generic default page for the moment, but will be replaced over the next short while with the blurb text, cover art, or illustrations that are associated with the story. By placing this text and art in the table, all the material formerly available in the stories list will still be present... but in an overall much more condensed page.

As this is a MASSIVE reorganization project, please feel free to report any missing stories or broken links. I've included links to the old stories page and the old What's New front page at the bottom of both new stories pages for anyone who wants a reference point. Any help I can get in fixing problems now is time that I can return to working on getting the pipeline filled with new content (I didn't want to start adding new stories to the site until I changed the organization method).

- Kristin