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October 5, 2015

Hey everyone. News update for those who haven't kept tabs through either the Whateley Status page or dropped in to visit on our work up of a new site and unified software system: Sadly, our forums are still down. The most recent word from Piper is that she's working on it but doesn't have a lot of time to spend each day but that she hopes to have things back up in just a couple days. Unfortunately, that last update was a few days ago and we aren't up yet.

We skipped posting new content last week because we had no way to provide a means for comments and feedback of stories to get to the author. For instance, two weeks ago we gave you five chapters of Whisper but there was no way for Sleethr to get any feedback on them. The hope was that our forums would be back and running (maybe with holes, maybe not) but we'd at least have something for people to post comments with when we resumed posting. Unfortunately, as you can see, that's a no-go this week still.

With all the forums problems and community down time, we've spent some time looking into other options from the free hosting we get from the crew at BCTS. We like Erin and Piper and we really appreciate what they've done for us in supporting the Crystal Hall after Bob Arnold passed away, but our authors and our community deserve to have at least reasonable IT support when there are problems and we cannot insist on that from someone who is hosting us for free. At the very least, we need control of our own maintenance, backups, and ability to recover from problems so we don't have period of downtime counted in weeks instead of hours. To that end, I have looked into Google hosting and Virtual Machines/Cloud Services and (as some people know) starting putting together a portal site with content management systems, chat, forums, and a number of other community oriented features. That was coming along nicely over the past week... but unfortunately, someone decided to take advantage of our offer to come check it out and poke around to look for set up issues... and used a security vulnerability that was there temporarily to hack the system, change some things, and damage some user files. So about ten days work towards having a solution to this problem in place, rewound back to the start by a betrayal from someone claiming to be a part of our community.

For this week, however, we decided that we don't want to skip again. So what we're going to do is simultaneously release the new story here on the site AND at BCTS/Topshelf. This will allow people to read the story here, in the usual format that we put them in, and then follow a link (which will be on the line BELOW the link to the story, not in the story itself) to a version where you can comment on it. Once we have our own forums or commenting system up and running, we'll transfer comments across. At worst, this is a little confusing for those people who have never visited BCTS or used a Drupal based comment system.

So... on to the story:

E. E. Nalley: As Beauty Does

Tansy has made her peace with Loophole and Kodiak, and finally gotten a moment to catch her breath and reflect.  Which of course means it's time for her mysterious benefactor the 'Hindmost' to contact her again.  Only now, Tansy is making plans of her own and finding out offensive is the real name of the game.


Comment Here at BCTS

Sleethr: Whisper 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

September 14, 2015

Two members of the Beret Mafia. Two different agendas. Both centered on the same young mogul from Poe. What could possibly go wrong?

ElrodW: Wine, Women, and Ayla

Part 1

September 7, 2015

The Riddle of Sappho

Prologue and Canto 1 - Canto 2 - Canto 3 - Canto 4 - Canto 5 - Canto 6

July 27, 2015

ElrodW: Date Night


E. E. Nalley: The Back Side of Paradise 


July 7, 2015

E. E. Nalley: A Pocket Full of Tansy 


E. E. Nalley: The Island of Dr. DNA 


Morpheus: First Imp-ressions 


June 29, 2015

One final chapter of The Kodiak Conspiracy, here's Chapter 5:

The Kodiak Conspiracy (Chapter 5) 

Wyatt Cody has made his peace with The Kodiak and sworn to kill The Bastard! Plans are being made, allies being recruited, but who is planning and for what? And while Wyatt prepares for war, Elaine and Kayda are becoming more friendly. Ultimately, perhaps more than either will be comfortable with. And in this landscape of plots and plans, a new player is on the board. Who is Grizzly, and why is she so interested in Elaine?

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5

June 15, 2015

Here's the final part of Kayda 4:

Kayda 4: Now the Real Learning Can Begin 

Having reached an accommodation with her inner nature, Kayda can now turn to learning more about how to live with her outer reality.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5
(Now Complete)